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Current happenings in 2020 has affected the
Digital Industry in ways most people would not be able to predict. The
disruptions to the industry have come as a surprise, but not necessarily an
unwelcome surprise. The important thing to note is that more business and
country leaders worldwide see the value of Digital Transformation.

Thus far, we have seen demand for Digital solutions
grow at an accelerated pace, albeit with some shifts in areas of focus. This
shift in technology focus can be clearly seen in the current recruitment
landscape of companies both in IT and Non-IT industries, as projects – and
companies – experience shifts in priorities.

From what we could gather of our
experiences, here are the top 10 IT jobs in demand for 2020:

Cloud Infrastructure

When previously the
majority of employees worked in the office, it makes sense that everything is
stored in the in-house server, providing easy access to information and
applications. Now, remote working is the ‘New Normal’ and its benefits are undeniable.
As most companies consider taking up remote working in the long-run, the need
for information to be accessible everywhere becomes crucial. Cloud technology
suddenly becomes the central technology to be adopted in most organisations.


Keep in mind, Cloud
computing is not a new concept, and its adoption has been steadily increasing
in the past decade, especially in large organisations. Social media companies
are some of the first adopters of Cloud technology, providing their sites on
the cloud to be accessible to their users, especially in the advent of the
large increase of mobile phone users worldwide. However, the pandemic has seen
a rush in cloud adoption faster than we’ve seen before, leading to a jump in
recruitment for positions related to cloud.


IT Support &

The rise in demand for IT
Support & Helpdesk can also be directly attributed to the new remote
working lifestyle. As more people move out of their office to adopt a remote
working lifestyle, their need for IT support grows.


As digitisation goes
through a boom as a direct result of the happenings in 2020, most companies’
current IT support & helpdesk teams experience massive burnouts as a result
of a higher need for support. The outcome has resulted in an increase of IT
Support and Helpdesk recruitment and hiring to fulfil this gap.



Also as a consequence of
remote working and higher adoption of digitalisation, the need to protect
company information and data becomes a priority. Moving out of in-house
servers, data would need much stronger encryption and security to prevent them
falling into the wrong hands.


We have seen an increase
of the news reporting a surge in Hacking activity during the lockdown. The
pandemic has seen hackers multiplying, together with activities like stealing
valuable data from systems, like passwords and application codes.


For organisations, the
current state has brought about a scramble to strengthen their Virtual Private
Networks (VPN), and other cybersecurity infrastructures. The risk of valuable
data and information being stolen is real, and as hackers get more
sophisticated, so must our protection.


Data Science &

As most companies go
through recovery mode, the pressure is on leaders to find the best solutions to
move their organisations forward in the tough times. These are unprecedented
times, and more and more leaders are turning towards data to make the best decisions
for their company. The data analysis for accurate predictions has quickly
become the next big thing for leaders to rely on, as the climate calls for
higher certainty on what is going to happen in the next week, month or even


The World Health Organisation
(WHO) is currently using data science and analytics to keep track of the
current pandemic worldwide, and to publish accurate reports of the world’s
health status. We see this trend continuing and will steadily rise as the
benefits of data science and analytics become more evident.



Internet of Things (IOT) was
a booming technology even before the pandemic, and has reported to reach more
than 50% of companies worldwide. Interest in IOT has not slowed down even
amidst the events of 2020. Higher adoption and utilisation of IOT in industries
like Manufacturing, Transportation and Utilities has led to an increase in the
demand of professionals for IOT applications.


From what we have seen
previously, the uptake of IOT has been higher in the Industrial sector.
However, as 2020 moves along, we will see higher adoption of consumer IOT. This
simply will be the result of the population spending more time at home,
enhanced by the arrival of 5G technology.



Automation – or in another
term – the technology of robotics, has gained popularity in recent years as
more businesses realise its value in speeding up multiple processes and minimising
errors. The use of Automation has seen an increase in demand for both hardware
and applications-based projects, and nowadays, there is scarcely an aspect of
modern life that has not been affected by it.


Combined with AI &
Machine-learning, our forecast is that Automation will continue to gain in
popularity in the years to come. The potential cost-savings that is evident by
adopting Automation has been proven to be significant in the long-run. This is
definitely a technology to watch out for.




Digital Content Writing

As the adoption of
technologies become extensive, there has also emerged a demand for translations
of technical jargons and complicated technical processes for the population who
do not have the background. More and more companies are in the search for
people who can understand technology and, more importantly, explain and write
content that is easy to digest.


The demand for content
writers has also been affected by the relatively drastic increase of social
media usage. Sites like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have high marketing
potential, and more companies are taking advantage of the high-traffic in these
sites. The need for content writers becomes ten-fold for businesses in the
e-Commerce sector, and as more businesses get online during the lockdown phases,
we see the demand getting higher past 2020 as well.


UX Designers

An amazing user experience
could be the one big differentiator of a company from its competitors. A
confusing user experience, on the other hand, could be enough to drive away
valuable customers.  As the majority of
application users are giving feedback to improve user interfaces, we see more
companies noticing the effectiveness of a great online user experience.


Large companies understand
the value of UX dedicated departments for UX research and designing, and they
are increasing investments in these areas to ensure the best experience for
their customers. After all, if you have an amazing product, it would be painful
to lose out just because no one understands how to navigate your application.


Mobile Application

More than 10 years into
the introduction of smartphones, there is still a shortage of mobile
application developers. This is not because there are less developers, but it
is more because of an increase in demand that moves faster than the supply of
people who have the expertise to develop these Applications.


As we record higher mobile
users worldwide, and thus higher demand in mobile content, at least in the
future, we do not foresee the demand for mobile app developers decreasing. In
fact, as other technologies rise and fall with the need of the season, Mobile
App Development will probably stand the test of time. We also have no doubt
that the current increase of digital adoption has largely affected the increase
in Mobile App Development as companies race to get online.


Java & Python

Java and Python are the
two highest in demand for programming language proficiencies. These two
languages have seen an increase in demand in-line with the adoption of technologies
listed above.


Java is the language used
more commonly for e-commerce websites. By nature, Java is relatively secure,
and is the preferred programming language in building applications for banking
and insurance industries.


Python, on the other hand,
is a multiple platforms language which is simpler in nature and, as a result, more
flexible. Although widely used in website development, Python is also the
preferred programming language for Big Data, AI and Machine Learning.


It is interesting to see technological
trends emerging out of the global events of 2020.

The biggest thing we have learned is when a
large world-changing event takes place that forces all of us to rethink the way
we do most things; technology takes centre stage as the agent of these changes.
In a way, technology seems to give people back some control on the uncertainty
of the future. Instead of a large shift in what technology trends comes
in-demand, the change is more in how the current and upcoming technology
is used to give us results.

As agents of Digital Adoption, we
understand the power of technology to change lives, and we are more than happy
to play a big part in implementing the best tech for our clients to move

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