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Phoenix, AZ, USA – August 5, 2020 – Jeffrey Levine, a financial and business consultant who sold his business and retired, saw the challenges that arose after the pandemic hit, and wanted to be involved. After reading an article explaining that Americans are the unhappiest they’ve ever been, he decided to come out of retirement and open up a wealth solutions financial firm.

“I pride myself on the amount of care I put into each and every company and the results we receive by following a consistent plan of growth in all aspects,” says Levine. “Money is only important when you don’t have it so I strive to make the mission more important than the money so that the mission becomes the empowering force behind the company’s financial growth and ultimate success. My definitive purpose is to grow existing businesses into entities that last for generations while experiencing constant and exponential growth with their preferred products and services.”

Levine is a wealth building expert who teaches others how to grow their assets in the most tax efficient way and more importantly, how to outlive their money and retire earlier. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” says the executive producer of the film, ‘Beyond the Secret, The Awakening’. Levine was also featured in the film which dispels the myths and bridges the gaps to help one become empowered like never before. The revolutionary new film contains extraordinary new insights and breakthroughs coming from some of the greatest thought leaders the world has ever seen.

Levine’s most recent work, ‘Consistent Profitable Growth Map’, is a step-by-step workbook outlining easy-to-follow steps to convert consistent revenue growth to any business platform. He and his team are dedicated to helping businesses and organizations to achieve their ultimate tax strategy.

The book is currently available on his website at

About Jeff Levine

Jeffrey Levine is a highly skilled Tax Planner and Business Strategist, as well as a published author, and sought-after speaker. He’s been featured in national magazines, on the cover of Influential People Magazine, and a frequent featured expert on radio, talk shows, and documentaries. Mr. Levine attended the prestigious Albany Academy for High School, and then went on to University of Hartford at Connecticut, University of Mississippi Law School, Boston University School of Law, and earned an L.L.M. in Taxation. His accolades include features in both Kiplinger and Family Circle Magazine, as well as a dedicated commentator for both Channel 6 and 13 news shows, a contributor for the Albany Business review, and a guest for WGY Radio.

Mr. Levine has accumulated over 30 years experience as a Tax Attorney and Certified Financial Planner and has given over 500 speeches nationally. Mr. Levine’s curriculum is centered around professional and personal development and as co-founder of the Carnegie Principle Mastering. Jeffrey’s lifelong mission is to give back to people in need by coaching them to utilize the resources they have available to meet or exceed their desired objectives. Mr. Levine is the executive producer and cast member in the upcoming documentary, ‘Beyond the Secret, The Awakening’.

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