UJET and Acqueon to Help Companies Create Modern and Hyper-Personalized Outbound Campaigns 1

Integration to combine UJET’s next-generation cloud-native contact center solutions with Acqueon’s omnichannel campaign management software

UJET Inc., the ultra-modern cloud contact center for customer-focused enterprises, announced its integration with Acqueon, a provider of cross-proactive conversational engagement software for sales, service, and collections, to help businesses proactively curate and construct multimodal omnichannel customer journeys that increase agent efficiency and drive meaningful customer experiences at scale. This integration provides businesses with the next-generation tools they need to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, higher sales conversions all from a single pane of glass.

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With an emphasis on conversational engagement, key aspects of the partnership include:

  • Proactive campaign intelligence and management: Orchestrate meaningful and profitable customer conversations by leveraging an embedded Customer Data Platform to unify CCaaS, CRM, and other data sources. Curate multimodal omnichannel campaigns that reach customers at the right time, on the right channel, and with the right content.
  • Outbound dialer: Build highly targeted outbound campaigns and sequences for more proactive and personalized customer engagements. Customize outreach with smart workflows using customer type, location, and more to help maximize meaningful conversations and reduce voicemails, busy signals, and dropped calls. Seamlessly upload and manage lists in real-time to help increase agent efficiency and productivity.
  • Enterprise-grade security and reporting: Accelerate real-time customer communications, intelligent outreach, and hyper-personalized experiences at scale while adhering to both regional and industry-specific compliance standards and regulations and data privacy requirements. Bring together customer and campaign data for more holistic real-time reporting and analysis.

“With the majority of customer service and sales teams now working remote, ensuring optimal individual, as well as team-level performance and efficiency, has become increasingly important. At the same time, digital-first consumers are challenging businesses to create more modern, personalized experiences and interactions,” said Vasili Triant, Chief Business Officer, UJET. “We are seeing increased demand from both current and prospective customers as well as partners for rich campaign management and outbound dialing capabilities. The combination of UJET’s ultra-modern contact center solution with Acqueon’s cross-campaign management software will help businesses create intelligent, personalized, and proactive customer conversations that both increase team productivity and customer satisfaction.”

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The modern customer journey is non-linear and involves connections across numerous channels and touchpoints. According to the State of the Connected Customer report by Salesforce, 40% of customers will not do businesses with a company that does not provide engagement and access points across their preferred channels.

“Offering exceptional products or services is no longer enough. In order to win new customers and retain existing ones, businesses must create unique and memorable experiences that build trust and satisfaction,” said Ashish Koul, CEO, Acqueon. “Our partnership with UJET arms modern enterprises with the tools and intelligence they need to construct proactive and highly targeted customer engagements at scale.”

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