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In A Story Created With Colorful Lines, Lucas Ksenhuk shares his experiences with the world.

Lucas Ksenhuk is a dreamer. An Artist. A passionate 18-year old who is also autistic. A notebook gifted from a friend when he was nine changed everything. He discovered drawing; and there was something beyond mere doodles. It was art! His mother Tatiana Ksenhuk, who spent years trying everything possible to improve the life of her son, was quick to notice the strong connection between Lucas and drawing. It was just a matter of time for Lucas’ unmistakable traces to jump out of his notebooks to conquer the art world of Brazil, and catch the attention of acclaimed artists, the public and critics.

His inspiring journey is told on the pages of A story created with colorful lines, a Lucas Ksenhuk book just released in the US by Underline Publishing, revealing the trajectory of a young autistic man who overcame his difficulties through art. His life experience being autistic and how he became a recognized visual artist shine through a light and heartening reading.  The book is illustrated by images of Ksenhuk’s work, with prefaces written by two renowned international artists, Kobra and Cris Campana.

“The most important thing for an artist is to paint with his own brush, with his heart, letting his hand free and guided by God; that’s what I see in Lucas’ work,” says Eduardo Kobra, who can’t help but feel inspired by Ksenhuk. “Lucas has a lot of talent and he’s showing this through his book, through his path that is very beautiful and inspiring, making us believe in a better tomorrow.”

It’s easy to understand what Kobra is saying just by learning about Lucas’ past. At 11 years old, he had already created a collection of 30 notebooks and his parents encouraged him to take his designs to canvas. “On canvas, I recognized in my work a chance to go further, and so I did my first exhibition with 30 paintings, all sold in a few hours,” Lucas recalls.

In São Paulo, his creativity was highlighted in important art events such as Egg Parade, Cow Parade, and Elephant Parade, among others. “My art is intense and my goal is to spread life and joy. My art can help people,” says Lucas, whose limitless passion and determination is making his words become a reality. He currently teaches art online and has 40 students. His classes are free for autistic and less privileged children.

His accomplishments and dreams fill Tatiana Ksenhuk’s heart with joy. “Today, I can visualize everything that he is and can be,” says the proud mother of four, whose youngest son is also autistic.  A Story Created with Colorful Lines, available on Amazon is a delightful and much needed book about hope, art, autism, bullying, family, love and changing the world for the better.


Underline Publishing was created in 2018 by Brazilian writer Nereide Santa Rosa. Since then its catalog consists of works of fiction and non-fiction in children’s and youth literature, essays, biographies and novels.  Its mission is to disseminate scientific, artistic and cultural knowledge to all ages by publishing literature, art, and culture books in English, Portuguese and Spanish, including Brazilian and Latin American authors living in the United States and around the world.

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