Folloze Launches ‘ABM Now’ Solution to Accelerate Time to Revenue for B2B Vendors 1
Industry leaders Folloze and Demandbase collaborate to streamline the planning and execution of Account-Based Marketing campaigns

Folloze announced the launch of ABM Now, an all-in-one Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solution that includes the Folloze Personalized marketing platform powered by Demandbase firmographic data. ABM Now enables marketers to quickly plan and execute highly personalized revenue-generating campaigns against their target accounts.

Today, the success of any ABM program requires both a customer-centric focus and the precise execution of personalized content-based campaigns. At the same time, the typical B2B sales process has grown in complexity with longer and unpredictable sales cycles and more empowered buyers. In this challenging environment, most ABM programs fail to generate the depth of personalization because of gaps in technology, scale, and data management. With an unprecedented speed of deployment, ABM Now addresses many of the execution challenges that go-to-market organizations face with aligning their data, martech stack, and content.

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“We are pleased to extend our longstanding partnership with Demandbase,” said Etai Beck, Folloze CEO and co-Founder. “Now, more than ever, B2B vendors face tremendous pressure to accelerate growth, but with much fewer resources. With ABM Now, Demandbase and Folloze have combined our collective experience and best practices into a powerful turnkey ABM solution that yields fast results.”

“Qlik’s account-based marketing programs, aligned with customer success and sales, today are generating a solid 30 percent year-over-year growth in revenue,” said Nancy Harlan, Sr. Director, Strategic Account Marketing. “The combination of Demandbase and Folloze gives Qlik the best of both worlds, helping us drive deeper account engagement through accurate and actionable firmographic data that powers personalized and content-rich experiences.”

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Folloze + Demandbase = Accelerating Time to Revenue

Available today, ABM Now includes everything sales and marketing teams need to quickly and cost-effectively execute engaging, multi-channel ABM campaigns across inbound and outbound sales motions:

  • Real-time account identification and experience Through Demandbase’s out-of-the-box firmographic data and IP-identification and matching capabilities, ABM Now quickly identifies and segments audiences of target accounts and new opportunities.
  • Engage target accounts through intelligent content experiences and sales motions: Leveraging Demandbase firmographic data, Folloze will personalize experiences through targeted messaging, images, content, and CTAs. At the same time, marketing teams can activate their sales counterparts by delivering the right message and content to high-propensity target accounts.
  • Virtual events and digital experiences: With the continued global cancelation of physical events, ABM Now creates powerful digital experiences to boost attendance and engagement for virtual events and conferences.
  • Account Engagement Metrics and Dashboards: ABM Now includes intuitive dashboards that measure account engagement and marketing performance across target audiences and firmographics.
  • Integrate with Data and Existing Martech Stack: The joint solution delivers real ROI by seamlessly integrating and extending the value of existing firmographic data, and Martech tools including Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce, and others.

“ABM is a critical business strategy for B2B organizations. And accurately identifying and understanding the accounts you are targeting is an essential part of a successful ABM strategy,” said Demandbase Chief Marketing Officer and Folloze advisor, Peter Isaacson. “We are thrilled to extend our longstanding partnership with Folloze and combine our industry-leading account identification and rich account data with ABM Now. This will give customers the foundation they need to execute world-class ABM programs.”

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