The Booming of AR HUD in 5G Era, Another Opportunity for WIMI Hologram Cloud 1

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘The Booming of AR HUD in 5G Era, Another Opportunity for WIMI Hologram Cloud‘. No one would have thought that Mercedes-Benz S, which has always led the industry with its interior design, will attract global attention this time because of a large-size AR HUD. In the demo video, the AR HUD demonstrated features such as live navigation, road environment recognition, and LBS (location-based services). In contrast, the two large screens in the interior have been supporting roles.

As an important supporting product of intelligent vehicles, HUD has developed rapidly. Although the penetration rate is not very high from the perspective of all vehicle models, the year-on-year growth is very fast. With the support of artificial intelligence, autonomous driving technology, and AR/VR technology, AR HUD has become more intelligent and closer to users’ real sensory experience. As a result, the industry’s pursuit of AR HUD has already begun, though the industry has not yet fully popularized the traditional HUD.

HUD is in resonance with the large-scale explosion of cutting-edge technologies such as automatic drive, augmented reality, and Internet of Vehicles. The rapid development of intelligent connected vehicles has stimulated the market demand for HUD. At the same time, the personalized consumer demand of consumers in the digital age also provides sufficient market potential support for the development of HUD. In this context, automobile enterprises have gradually paid more attention to HUD products in the configuration for mass production models. According to the data jointly released by the Daily Economic News and the National Industrial Information Security Development and Research Center, the penetration rate of new intelligent connected vehicles reached 31.1% in 2018, an increase of nearly five times compared with that in 2016. Meanwhile, the carrying proportion of HUD on new intelligent connected vehicles has become higher and higher.

WIMI Hologram Cloud, as one of the leading holographic technology providers in China, provides many holographic technology services, such as holographic vision AI synthesis and presentation, holographic AR advertising, and holographic AR SDK payment. WIMI is also a content provider for AR, which allows you to see and interact with the three-dimensional images of objects that do not exist in the real world. Through the projection device, the image on the mobile phone or computer is projected to other media. The most commercial value of WIMI is holographic technology. Holography, also known as virtual imaging technology, is a technology that records and reproduces the real three-dimensional image of objects by using interference and diffraction principles. It is a three-dimensional imaging technique that uses coherent light interference to obtain all the information of an object.

With the development and application of new technologies, the human interaction will become a part of the AR holographic interaction in AR HUD. MR devices that integrate AR and virtual reality have been created, which means that people in the future may meet in the game world and generate more interactive content. Therefore, the interactive upgrade is an inevitable development trend. With the advent of 5G era, the HUD industry will usher in an explosive period in the next 2-3 years; moreover, there is an outbreak of onboard AR applications.

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