Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa Drives Automotive Entrepreneurship 1
Ottawa Local Showcases Integrity in Auto Service

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa is an experienced auto industry professional showcasing his talent for entrepreneurship. He’s working with consumers and auto parts wholesalers to bring affordable pricing and quality to auto service.

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa created his business leveraging 15-years of automotive experience and his reputation in the community. This includes the creation of a business plan that emphasizes the customer approach to service. He also created a sound financial back-office and an efficient system for processing payments, making service simpler for clients.

The services offered include a spectrum of automotive maintenance and improvement activities. Tire rotations, oil changes, fluid flushes, and performance-enhancing OEM parts installation are available. Also, race enhancing parts for performance vehicles can be sourced and installed, depending on the needs of vehicle owners. Custom projects are also accepted depending on the job requirements and equipment needed to perform service. The services that Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa offers conform to industry standards and are completed using state-of-the-art tools.

Sustainable best practices in the automotive service industry are critical for the environment, and Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa uses eco-friendly processes on every project. Given that automobiles use potentially harmful or hazardous materials, the handling and disposal of these materials impact the community. Whether clients need new oil, transmission fluid, or even a battery, the disposal of old materials or parts is handled in-line with environmental best practices.

Whether auto owners are part-time hobbyists racing vehicles or everyday commuters, Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa can help. He leverages his professional experience and training to perform service, or he can recommend the proper procedures, given a vehicle’s diagnostic analysis. Auto owners can trust Bobby Wilkinson to have their best interests in mind.

Bobby Wilkinson Ottawa underscores the importance of quality in auto transactions. OEM replacement parts are critical, as are the proper tools to perform auto maintenance. Similarly, the processes used to service cars or trucks, and maintain vehicle safety, can make a long-term difference in vehicle performance. Bobby Wilkinson has the training and knowhow to deliver quality.

Bobby Wilkinson is a born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, native and an auto industry veteran. He enjoys racing and collects vintage music equipment and antiques. He also drives an extensively built, performance-engineered Nissan GTR that exemplifies his automotive skills. He currently resides in Ottawa with his wife and son.