Add a Litter Box to Home Without Worrying about the Decor or Theme of the Room with Dome by Hoopo 1

The Minimalistic Litter Box Is Aesthetically Pleasing, Complements Any Décor Or Interior Design Theme And Is Extremely Functional For Indoor Use.

Having litter boxes indoors can be a huge challenge for cat owners because of a number of reasons. Litter boxes tend to have unpleasant odors and cats tend to spread the litter around. Additionally, trying to fit the litter box inside the house and make it look discreet is not always possible. 

This is why so many homeowners either place the litter box in the bathroom, basement or the balcony. Unfortunately, if access is not readily available to the litter box, it can mean that the cat will choose the carpet to become their bathroom. Finding a litter box that solves all these problems can be a bit challenging. 

Add a Litter Box to Home Without Worrying about the Decor or Theme of the Room with Dome by Hoopo 2

Luckily, Dome by Hoopo is a special litter box that is designed specifically for indoor use. The aesthetically pleasing design has a minimalistic appeal and is available in neutral colors that make it perfect for use with any design theme or aesthetic. Its design also means that you don’t have to hide it or restrict it solely to a particular area of the house. 

Moreover, the Dome is designed with convenience in mind. It has a removable lid for easy access, anti-scratch pads underneath and a drip tray, which catches all the litter stuck to your cat’s foot. The design also reduces any odors and the entire thing can be easily dismantled and washed with soap and water as needed. 

The modern design of the Dome means that it can be placed in any room of the house without looking out of place. It is spacious enough for small to medium-sized cats that come up to 6kgs. It is not designed for use with large cat breeds like the Maine Coon or the Norwegian Forest cat. For added benefit, the Dome litter box is available in three different colors namely, white, pastel pink and a deep gray. 

Add a Litter Box to Home Without Worrying about the Decor or Theme of the Room with Dome by Hoopo 3

Each Dome comes with its own scoop and a custom-made scoop holder. You can also opt to get the Dome with an entrance curtain to provide your cat with maximum privacy. Currently, the Dome is only available for purchase through Kickstarter. Early bird packages can help you save up to 35% on your purchase. 

Signing up through Kickstarter also gives you access to three limited edition colors for the Dome litter box. Once backing is done, the Dome will be available in the market at a retail price of €159. Shipping will begin on the schedule as shared by Hoopo on Kickstarter. 

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