Digital Goodie and Maginus Merge to Form Naveo Commerce 1

Backed by Black Dragon Capital, two leading companies combine to offer a complete end-to-end eCommerce solution for Enterprise and SMB retailers

Naveo Commerce has launched as a new company, following the merger of operations between Digital Goodie and Maginus. Naveo Commerce, a cloud-based SaaS solution, will operate as a unique end-to-end eCommerce, OMS and Fulfilment technology provider for retail, SMBs and Enterprise across all vertical markets. The Maginus partnership with Magento and Episerver will continue as a core consulting arm sitting under the Naveo Commerce brand.

Irwin Kramer, Chairman of the Board stated, “Naveo Commerce now offers a unique end-to-end eCommerce solution for next-generation retailers and distributors. We are helping our clients tackle the rapid changes in consumer behavior and providing them with the tools and advice needed to exponentially grow their businesses and better engage digital customers.”

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The combined capabilities and technologies of the two companies – Headless Commerce, Order Management, In-store Picking , Fulfilment and Consultancy – makes Naveo Commerce a compelling proposition for retailers of all sizes looking to both capitalise on, and effectively manage, the significant growth in online groceries and shopping, to deliver a superior digital customer experience and remain competitive.

“Today marks a pivotal moment for the company,” said Moris Chemtov, Global CEO, Naveo Commerce. “We are delighted to introduce our new company to the market and help retailers of all sizes achieve and further accelerate their digital transformation goals. COVID-19 has changed the retail landscape forever, and retailers and their supply chains across the globe have been impacted as a result. The current upward trajectory in online shopping shows no signs of abating, it is therefore crucial to address key industry challenges such as more efficiently managing increased order volumes, and implement technologies which are not only able to manage supply and demand, but provide the flexibility required to succeed in today’s complex retail environment. What’s even more exciting for the industry is that Naveo Commerce provides all the operational support many have been yearning for, all under one corporate umbrella.”

Naveo Commerce operates internationally and is already working with major retailers in the UK, Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe. Its native cloud-based solution is particularly attractive to customers like Finland’s largest retailer S Group and The Co-op, since it enables a speedier implementation that is quicker than industry averages; spelling an end to long, cumbersome commerce installations, and providing a unique end-to-end digital experience.

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Chris Conway, Head of Digital at The Co-op, a Naveo Commerce customer, commented: “The Co-op is traditionally a bricks-and-mortar retailer, with us only launching online operations and home delivery relatively recently. No one can dispute the growth of online retail and its importance, especially since the pandemic, and we therefore required an agile solution which could easily adapt as required and enable our business to meet changing consumer demands. Naveo Commerce is able to provide this, and now with the increased back-end capability, it will help boost digital operations as required.”

Louis Hernandez Jr, CEO and Managing Director of Black Dragon Capital commented: “The eCommerce sector was already growing at a fast pace, but the pandemic has drastically accelerated consumer adoption and permanently disrupted global commerce. Traditional companies are scrambling to adopt new digital business models to survive, and online sellers are trying to improve their customer experience by overinvesting in digital platforms and supply chain management tools. Naveo Commerce, with its consolidated product offering and proven experience, will certainly take advantage of the new market opportunities and continue to strengthen its leadership role.”

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