Nina Simosko, Ex-NTT i3 President & CEO, Joins Sentivate as COO 1
A software start up is onboarding a new COO from the one of the world’s largest data providers.

Software Solutions Company, Sentivate, has hired former NTT i3 President and CEO, Nina Simosko, as acting COO of Sentivate  —  which aims to be a viable replacement for the modern web. A faster, safer, & more scalable solution than anything currently offered.

Sentivate is a hybrid web built to be a viable and realistic replacement for the modern web by integrating centralized and decentralized components. All technologies utilized are focused on ensuring that Sentivate is a revolutionary replacement in modern Internet architecture. The main focus of the project is the Universal Data Transport Protocol (UDSP) and the deployment of the Sentivate Network. The Sentivate Network allows the use of the Universal Web (centralized component) and VIAT (decentralized component). The Universal Web Browser is a tool to navigate the Universal Web and the World Wide Web while integrating these unique components.

About Nina Simosko:

Nina Simosko served as the President and CEO of NTT Innovation Institute Inc (NTT i3), the prestigious Silicon Valley-based venture capital wing of the NTT Group. NTT ranked 55th in Fortune Global 500 and is the 4th largest telecommunications company in the world in terms of revenue. NTT i3 has worked with prominent enterprises that are focused on fostering strategic technological innovations and are interested in investigating new avenues to evolve into technology-driven businesses. NTT i3 provided access to significant global resources, investment funds, research, and long-standing customer relationships of NTT Global.

Prior to NTT i3, Nina lead the creation and execution of Nike Technology’s strategy, planning, and operations on a global scale.

Prior to her time at Nike, she was Senior Vice President of SAP’s Global Premier Customer Network (PCN). She led both the PCN Center of Excellence, their Global Executive Advisory Board, and served as a part of SAP’s Global Ecosystem & Partner Group.

Currently, Nina serves on the advisory boards of two early-stage technology companies: Reflektion and AppOrchid.

Over the past two decades, Nina has witnessed an amazing amount of change and innovation in the organizations she has taken a role in, as well as those of clients and partners.

There needs to be a focus on education, learning, knowledge transfer, change management, and commercialization. And this all needs to be matched with business process, innovation, and “people” programs  —  with inspired, inspiring leaders at the helm.

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