Tunisian Music Industry’s Phenomenal Growth Owes Its Success to One Man, Amer Nejma 1

October 1, 2020 – Ever since Tunisian entrepreneur Amer Nejma took up the cause of music artistes in Tunisia, the music industry in the country has never been the same. Working with his highly successful record label the El Distro Network registered in Ireland, the Irish-Tunisian businessman professionally known as Amer El Distro has helped struggling young musicians promote their music to a wider audience. 

Amer Nejma’s success story is an inspirational one. The young 30 something computer engineer from Technologies University in Cork City, Ireland has always been passionate about music. Although he is based both in Germany and Ireland, Amer Nejma’s business ventures are founded around North Africa and some parts of Europe. The Music, Film and TV producer is known in professional circles as Amer El Distro after launching his record label, El DISTRO in Ireland by 2017. Being the first Music Distribution and Promotion company in Tunisia, and North Africa, EL DISTRO has grown to become a major talent management company in Tunisia’s entertainment sector. The record label has signed on several big names in the North African music scene like Weld El 15, Lil’ k, Amyne, and Yassmeen Jass to name a few.

In a major development in 2020, EL DISTRO tied up with Create Music Group INC, in a partnership deal touted as one of the biggest music deals in the North African region. The major step taken by Amer will potentially increase revenue and visibility of artistes currently managed by the EL DISTRO label. The network ensures artiste’s music are available on all major platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, Geezer and more. 

While Amer remains passionate about music promotion, his business isn’t just limited to the music industry. A well-respected entrepreneur among A list celebrities, he has also established business connections with all the big brands adding value to his name. His net worth is estimated to be $1million, a figure supported by his sole ownership of the high-value domain Facebookbranding.com. The domain conceived and registered in 2019 is projected to be worth billions in the near future. To that effect, Amer plans on selling the domain back to Facebook hoping that the proceeds received will go a long way in financially supporting his family struggling in the wake of the present COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking of his incredible venture, he said, “It was a once in a lifetime investment opportunity or maybe the greatest decision I’ve ever made within minutes but I also did it to protect their brand and trademark by redirecting all the traffic to facebook.com.

To this day Amer El Distro remains a towering influence in the Tunisian music industry. An inspiring figure, he feels he is motivated by his selfless passion to succeed for the benefit of others. 


For more information: https://eldistronetwork.com/

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