Mustafa Jaffari, Afghan Fashion Designer & Founder of Jaffary Studios, Spreads Message of Courage, Determination & Freedom With Latest Clothing Collection “Infinity Space” 1
Jaffary Studios Presents New Collection “Infinity Space”

Fashion designer Mustafa Jaffari grew up with an artistic vision in his mind. 20 years ago he relocated with his family to the Netherlands. To this day Jaffari still remembers how it felt to be a refugee. That feeling of being lost and alone while not knowing what the future holds is something he will never forget.

As a child, Jaffari lived in Afghanistan which was a warzone. Every day was a horror story and his family worried for their safety. They had no choice but to leave everything they owned and everyone they loved behind.

When his family arrived in Europe, they vowed to never look back and live their lives to the fullest. The first few years were a bit tough for Jaffari because he was a shy kid who spoke a different language. He was still affected by the events from Afghanistan and had trouble smiling with the other kids.

Jaffari often felt sad, wondering what his family had done to deserve such hardship. Eventually he saw things from another perspective and realized how lucky his family was to have a second chance to restart their life.

As Jaffari became used to his lifestyle in the Netherlands, he began to really appreciate his freedom. While working his way through school, he realized freedom was one of the most important things to him. It felt like if he continued with school and then went to work for a boss full-time then he wouldn’t have freedom until he was too old to do anything with it. 

Knowing his creativity would take him further in life than a diploma ever would, Jaffari made the decision to drop out of school and pursue his dreams. His parents thought he was crazy. His mother even threatened to kick him out of the house if he quit school, to which Jaffari replied “one day I will buy you a house” and that’s exactly what he did.

Infinity Space

Infinity Space is the latest collection from Jaffary Studios. This line represents how anyone can feel like a refugee when they are mentally trapped. A lot of emphasis was put on space because it represents infinity and being limitless. Jaffari wants everyone who wears his art to feel like they can achieve the unachievable. 

Wanting to help people who were once in the same situation he was, Jaffary Studios will be donating proceeds from every item sold to help refugees across the world. To see more of this collection visit

Jaffari’s motto is creativity, freedom, and infinite possibilities and he applies this to all of his designs. For more information of Jaffary Studios, visit his website at

Take a look through his latest cookbook in this digital flipbook at

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