Sailthru Announces New Machine Learning Testing Infrastructure 1

Marketers can easily create scaled, automated tests for copy and design assets

Sailthru, the leading personalized marketing automation technology provider for retailers and publishers, announced a new investment in wide-scale testing infrastructure to make it easier for marketers to test copy and design assets that drive engagement and conversion. Built using advanced machine learning techniques, the new testing engine will automatically learn and update testing rules, allowing marketers to quickly and confidently make optimization decisions that drive results.

This is Sailthru’s latest commitment to deliver class-leading machine learning technology that powers trusted recommendations and predictions for customers, and is particularly valuable to help marketers capture new customers while targeting messages and promotions to their loyal customer base. The modern testing capability drives net-new value for retailers focusing on retained customers through the holiday season and the long-term effects of the pandemic, and for publishers as they look to further invest in owned media, including their website, email, and mobile apps.

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“Testing is the surest way to improve performance, and Sailthru’s new machine-learning based methodology adds automation and scale that increases the number of tests and the effectiveness of tests,” said Monica Deretich Retail Advisor at Sailthru. “Sailthru’s vision is to help retailers and publishers create unforgettable customer experiences with powerful, yet easy-to-use products, and this new testing infrastructure delivers that.”

In the first wave of platform updates, customers now get the following benefits in Sailthru’s Overlays on-site messaging and acquisition product:

  • Create, launch, and optimize tests of onsite messages with Overlays builder. With no coding skills or developer resources required, customers can validate and deploy effective messaging on their site faster than ever.
  • Test up to five variations simultaneously to find the right mix of copy and design that drives the most effective list growth.
  • Use real-time analytics to track and measure views, clicks and conversions. Sailthru’s continuous calculation approach allows customers to quickly make strategic and tactical changes to increase incremental results through testing.
  • Inline Inference calculations take the guesswork out of testing, giving marketers confidence to declare a winner and double-down with an optimized variant.

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“This new infrastructure will allow our customers to deploy testing as a continuous state, rather than a one-off activity. With real-time feedback and automated testing at scale, it’s possible to implement a feedback loop that delivers constant improvement across the customer experience,” said Cody Bunea, VP Product at Sailthru.

Sailthru will roll out the new testing infrastructure across channels to augment existing testing capabilities in email and mobile channels in future releases.

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