Celebrity Hairstylist Billionaire Barbie Offers Aspiring Hairstylists Online Courses on How to Perfect Their Craft & Boss Up Their Brand Using her Revolutionary Lace Technique SCALPIANA™️ 1

Ms. Billionaire Barbie: Revolutionary Hair Stylist

CEO of Billionaire’s Hair, Ms. Billionaire Barbie, is completely changing the world of hairstyling with her revolutionary lace technique. Her technique has made her the number one celebrity stylist in the game. When she’s not busy perfecting the looks of women such as Alexis Skyy & Summer Walker, she’s teaching aspiring hairstylists worldwide how to perfect her famous technique Real Scalp Illusion™️ or as the fans so graciously named it SCALPIANA™️!!

If Ms. Billionaire Barbie looks familiar to you, it’s because she had a guest appearance on a couple of episodes during season 7 of Basketball Wives. Her technique was in so much demand with the stars of the show that the producers decided to feature her too. The women of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood have Ms. Billionaire Barbie on speed dial as well. She’s one of the only people they trust with their hair. Some of the popular celebrities she styles are:

• Alexis Skyy
• Summer Walker
• Dreezy
• Moniece Slaughter
• Tami Roman
• Blac Chyna

Billionaire’s Hair by Ms. Billionaire Barbie: Real Scalp Illusion™️ Scalpiana™️

Ms. Billionaire Barbie didn’t become the success she is today by following the same rules as your everyday hairstylist. Instead, she made this world her own by constantly practicing her technique until she was able to stand out among the crowd.

All of that hard work paid off when Ms. Billionaire Barbie developed her revolutionary lace technique. She came up with a lacing technique that was so groundbreaking it completely changed the whole lace game in the hairstyling world.  

Real Scalp Illusion™️ Scalpiana™️ is a lacing technique that gives off the illusion that the wig is growing right from the scalp! This is the most realistic looking wig worldwide. The illusion of the scalp isn’t just at the front either;  it is present throughout the entire circumference of the wig. Ms. Billionaire Barbie’s famous lacing technique is completely changing how hairstylists approach lacing.

Everyone deserves a great head of hair, so Ms. Billionaire Barbie is teaching her lacing technique to everyone who wants to learn. She offers online courses, where she is able to teach thousands of students all across the world. Her students get to learn how to perform her famous technique along with how to grow their companies through marketing and branding. 

Ms. Billionaire Barbie’s contributions to the culture in the entertainment industry have helped to pave the way for other aspiring hairstylists. Many of the looks she has created have gone viral, making her a household name in the hair industry.

Where To Find Ms. Billionaire Barbie

Ms. Billionaire Barbie has two storefront locations. Her original store is in Hampton, Virginia. More recently she’s opening a second location in Atlanta, GA with ambitions of pursuing her reality tv goals.

To see more of what Ms. Billionaire Barbie is doing, follow her Instagram account at @iambillionairebarbie  or visit her official website at www.msbillionairebarbie.com

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