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Uberflip, the leading cloud-based content experience platform (CEP), is revealing exciting details about its focus on powering demand marketing needs, following the refresh and realignment of its brand last month. Two big announcements include launching Uberflip Campaign Essentials to power ABM and demand campaigns as well as welcoming a new board member, Elissa Fink, who scaled Tableau as CMO before its acquisition by Salesforce last year for $15.7 billion.

“Uberflip has changed the pace at which marketers can execute,” said Fink. “Every marketer needs to invest in accelerating the buyer journey to support marketing, sales, and retention. While content plays a role at every stage, there is not enough priority placed on getting the right buyers to the right content at the right point in the buyer experience. The environment has gone from digital-first to digital dominant. The way we map channels to destinations needs to embrace the shift to digital experiences. Today’s CMO and sales leader need a CEP like Uberflip.”

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Uberflip has expanded its content experience offerings to include Uberflip Campaign Essentials, a one-stop solution for creating high-performance campaign destinations that drive engagement and allow marketers to dynamically personalize experiences for buyers in real-time. According to Fink, “Marketers must execute go-to-market strategies with fewer resources and tighter budgets than ever before, all while being expected to distribute relevant content and campaigns promptly to support business objectives.” Uberflip Campaign Essentials is designed to be both simple and quick to use while delivering massive impact on pipeline, revenue, and retention. “CMOs need a solution to quickly spin up personalized destinations for their ABM and demand campaigns without breaking the bank. Uberflip Campaign Essentials solves for that gap as a key to any martech stack,” added Fink.

Fink’s experience at Tableau was instrumental in driving the company’s revenue from $5M to $1B over 11+ years, before its $15.7 billion acquisition by Salesforce last year. As CMO, Fink was responsible for ensuring adaptability of product and pricing for businesses of any size. Fink brings invaluable experience and insight to scaling a business through disruption as Uberflip looks towards hyper growth in an increasingly digital-first world. “Elissa has pushed us to realize that our platform is key for all marketers from SMB to Enterprise, where a lot of our focus has shifted in recent years,” explained Yoav Schwartz , CEO of Uberflip. “I’m honored and already learning a ton about how CMOs scale and align with sales by having Elissa in the room.”

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“When Uberflip was started it was often associated with inbound marketing tactics,” said Schwartz. “We’ve adapted our offering and introduced new products so that budding customers like 6Sense can leverage Uberflip, high-growth companies like Snowflake can scale ABM, and, of course, enterprise customers like Medtronic and 3M can impact their various business units regardless of their go-to-market strategy. These new products and integrations empower added uses for ABM, demand, and sales enablement—furthering our market disruption and providing support to more marketers. Elissa’s appointment comes at a time when we are aggressively looking to propel our customers into a digitally native environment, and we’re excited to watch the company grow with her experienced guidance.”

Key benefits of Uberflip Campaign Essentials include:

  • Capabilities to spin up highly personalized campaign destinations, for any channel, to power ABM and demand generation strategies
  • The ability to leverage intent data from Bombora, 6Sense, Demandbase, RollWorks, and Clearbit to dynamically create personalized campaign destinations at scale
  • Quick and easy implementation to keep your campaign calendar on track

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