Carzato and RouteOne Announce Online Retailing Experience (ORE) Integration 1

Carzato, a leading automotive online services provider, announces its integration with RouteOne, a leading F&I technology provider, to furnish an optimal experience for consumers and dealers in North America.

With the collaboration, Carzato’s Online Retailing Experience (ORE) platform integrates with RouteOne’s credit aggregation system to present indirect auto financing quotes to consumers and enable full online credit application and eSigning. The integration enhances the automotive digital retailing product offering and empowers consumers with financing quotes that are fully transactable at the dealership. Knowing finance options ahead of time provides car buyers with peace of mind. Dealerships, in turn, can seamlessly fulfill car-buying transactions using their respective processes and systems. 

Carzato’s integration with RouteOne allows us to provide an industry first cross-tier and brand-customizable car-buying tool that routes high-intent shoppers directly to dealer online retailing tools,” said Javier O. Ruiz, Chief Executive Officer of Carzato. “Regardless of where people are shopping – brand website, dealer website, social media, email, search and the like – ORE provides a consistent and efficient experience for the car-buyer, while generating incremental, high-closing leads for dealers.”

Carzato works closely with automakers to provide a fully modular digital retail experience that is white-label ready—offering a unique platform with advanced customization to meet highly-specific needs—currently servicing over 2,600 dealerships across 6 automotive brands.

“RouteOne remains committed to delivering innovative solutions to enhance both the dealer and consumer experience,” added Justin Oesterle, RouteOne’s Chief Executive Officer. “RouteOne is pleased to integrate with Carzato to solve for current market challenges and support the launch of this Online Retailing Experience that delivers quality leads from OEM and dealer digital retail platforms.”

Carzato’s ORE platform was built to be agile, allowing OEMs and dealers to integrate existing retail tools into the platform.  The result is a high-performing retailing experience that does not require dealers to replace their existing sales processes.  Creative delivery can also be tailored to the specific needs of each brand with messaging that is both relevant and targeted to the intended audience.


Carzato is a California based automotive service provider in Fintech, offering an integrated and customized online car-buying process for dealers to connect with their customers. Carzato’s Online Retailing Experience (ORE) saves time for both dealership and customer, increases quality leads and thus sales improvement. For more information, please visit

About RouteOne

RouteOne was formed in 2002 by Ally Financial, Ford Motor Credit Company, TD Auto Finance, and Toyota Financial Services to improve the F&I process for automobile dealers and their customers. Connecting thousands of dealers and finance sources in North America for vehicle financing, RouteOne’s platform delivers a comprehensive suite of F&I solutions across multiple channels: in-store, online, mobile, and via third-party solutions. Its product line-up includes credit application, eContracting, menu, online/mobile retail services, and compliance. In addition, RouteOne enables dealer choice across a wide variety of best-in-class providers through open integrations with over 200 DSPs.