Nouveau Construction and Technology Provides Businesses an All-In-One Construction Solution 1
Nouveau Construction and Technology Provides Businesses an All-In-One Construction Solution
Nouveau Technology Services the leader in DAS Design Services
Nouveau Construction and Technology is a WBE founded in 1997 and has been an E&I partner since 2007. They specialize in Construction, Technology, and Distributed Antenna System Integrations

Nouveau Technology, a highly recognized job order contractor and distributed antenna systems integrator (DAS), partners with commercial clients, public institutions, educational properties, and healthcare facilities to develop and improve each facility’s environment toward greater beauty, productivity, and data access. The company provides an all-in-one solution that builds quality projects and long-term client relationships.

From the company’s roots as a job order contractor, to its current role as a full-service general contractor, the company brings over 20 years of experience to every project. The company has a breadth of construction experience including, renovations, upgrades and ground-up new construction. What sets the company apart is its combination of DAS and technology integrations.

With the increasingly data-reliant society and much of that data transitioning to wireless delivery, an indoor DAS is an essential utility to any large public building. Nouveau is up to date with the latest in DAS technology, making indoor dead zones a thing of the past. Not only will operations run more smoothly with enhanced cellular signals anywhere in a building, but first responders will also have a constant, life-saving communications network in the event of an emergency with an ERRC system as well. Nouveau will custom design a cellular DAS and or ERRC solution regardless of the construction. The DAS solutions are promised to meet industry standards, as the company works closely with the FCC, carriers, and the client’s county and city government officials.

Data has become as important to building as concrete, steel or glass, and this data would not be reliable if it was slow. That is why the technology services group at Nouveau uses the latest technology to design and manage building telecom infrastructures. The turnkey solutions meet the needs of both public and private organizations, all customized to the client’s needs. Nouveau is a long-standing, secure company, specializing in the design and installation of structured copper and fiber optic cabling systems, as well as DAS.

Nouveau’s construction technology service provides more than just what a job order contractor can provide. With the combination of construction, technology and DAS integration, the company is revolutionizing both the construction and technology industries.

Nouveau Technology

Nouveau Technology provides construction and technology services all over the united states. The company specialize in ERRCs systems and DAS services. Founded more than twenty years ago by Miles and Debbie Koon, who quickly found that their varied skill set equipped Nouveau to offer creative solutions not just to commercial developers, but especially to those in the public schooling, higher education, and government sectors. Today, Nouveau remains family-owned and operated, serving the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as Missouri.

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