Why Ultrasonic Extraction Equipment Is So Popular With Users? 1

Ultrasonic extraction equipment has high extraction efficiency, normal temperature and pressure extraction, low energy consumption, high degree of automation, and has the characteristics and advantages that conventional extraction methods cannot match. It can be widely used in pharmaceuticals, health care products, cosmetics, ultrafine and nanoparticle preparation, etc. It can also be used for ultrasonic dispersion, emulsion preparation, slow-release drug ultramicrocapsule preparation, and nanocapsule preparation. Ultrasonic extraction equipment is very popular among users!

The main reasons why ultrasonic extraction equipment is so popular are as follows:

1. Ultrasonic extraction equipment has high use efficiency: optimize the product structure on the basis of traditional multi-functional extraction machine, extraction tank, straight cone and oblique cone extraction tank, integrate energy-concentrating and divergent ultrasonic equipment in this equipment, so that Ultrasonic dynamic cycle extraction, extraction, filtration and other production processes are completed in one step.

2. High conversion rate of raw materials: This equipment uses the unique physical action and cavitation effect of ultrasonic to promote the breakage or deformation of plant cell tissues, and the vibration, acceleration shock, and sound pressure shear equivalent stress between the solute particles are strengthened, so that The material forms extreme high temperature and high pressure at local points.

3. Make the large-volume Chinese medicinal materials fully contact the ultrasonic probe, and accelerate the uniform precipitation of the active ingredients in the raw materials.

4. Ultrasonic extraction equipment is exquisite in structure and fully utilizes the characteristics of ultrasonic. Ultrasonic action material has a large area and short extraction time: Ultrasonic-enhanced traditional Chinese medicine extraction usually can obtain a good extraction rate within 1 minute.

5. The extraction of Chinese medicinal materials is not restricted by the polarity and molecular weight of the components, and is suitable for the extraction of most Chinese medicinal materials and various components; this equipment is equipped with an oil-water separator and condenser, which can extract plant essential oils such as aromatic oils.

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