3 (Everyday) Things Never Needed Again With Innovative Alternatives from a Tasmanian Business and How It Actually Saves the World 1

Tasmania, Australia – SaniSprite’s mission of sustainability began, ironically, from the ends of the earth. Being based between Australia and Antartica has given the founder of the innovative company a unique perspective in their niche: “Living here has heightened my perception of the importance of conservation and the impact we are having on this planet. I want to help people discover eco-friendly products that can help our environment while saving us money and time,” explains Rini Puccetti. Her mission as CEO often doubles as Chief Education Officer as well, to help clarify natural misconceptions. We asked her about her experience:

Q: A common concern people like myself have, even if just subconsciously, is that anything good for the environment must be less effective and more expensive. Can you help us understand where that idea comes from?

A: “This is a common perception because, historically, this has actually been true. Nobody wants to miss out, and swap convenience for an inferior product. At the same time, I know people don’t want to be unintentional environmental vandals. We want an alternative rather than a change, so we can get something better for home while doing better for the planet. Fortunately, technology has moved forward and there have been advances in chemistry and electronics that have allowed better products, which coincidentally also happen to be better for the environment.”


3 (Everyday) Things Never Needed Again With Innovative Alternatives from a Tasmanian Business and How It Actually Saves the World 2

SaniSprite’s newest release is a timely and ambitious product designed to make safe and natural disinfectant available to anyone with access to water and salt. Eco Clean is a rechargeable disinfectant generator that turns water and salt into a powerful solution that kills bacteria and viruses. The electrolytic reaction creates electrolysed water in about 4 minutes at the press of a button: Sodium Hypochlorite and Hypochlorous Acid (the same substance your white blood cells produce to fight off infections). It is a safe and natural disinfectant recommended by health experts that eliminates plastic waste and requires no disposable batteries.


Before working to improve the home, SaniSprite took sustainable sanitizing into their own hands with Smart Foam and SaniTabs. They’re two complimentary products that work in harmony to save money quite literally going down the drain every time we wash our hands. We asked Rini how SaniSprite planned to improve such an everyday exercise:

A: “The old way of doing things needs to be scrutinized and improved upon in order to make a deeply positive impact in the environment. A good example is the SaniTab soap tablets that we use for the Smart Foam refills. They are a completely new way of looking at how we use soap. There really is no need for that extra plastic container that soap refills are packaged in. Putting the soap component into a tablet that you place directly into the dispenser (with some water) removes that extra plastic pollution. Not to mention it costs less than a quarter of the cost of regular soap. 

3 (Everyday) Things Never Needed Again With Innovative Alternatives from a Tasmanian Business and How It Actually Saves the World 3

Besides being better for the earth, and easier to store at home, it lasts longer, is a better user experience, produces a more efficient wash, and it’s better for your budget. Simply put, it does more for you, costs less, and actually makes the earth a better place. It’s really not too good to be true. It’s just truly good,” Rini explained.

SaniTab comes in five exotic scents: rose, aloe, ocean, orange, and jasmine. They have a PH ≈ 6.6, which is close to human skin, so it can reduce irritation that some soap can cause, and each contains plant extracts and a mild moisturizing formula. Foaming hand soap also saves water and energy, with a lower chemical impact compared to traditional liquid soaps. 


3 (Everyday) Things Never Needed Again With Innovative Alternatives from a Tasmanian Business and How It Actually Saves the World 4

With the average person washing their hands 8 times or more per day, each handful of Smart Foam becomes a rather sizeable savings—both for the home and our oceans. The automatic foam hand soap dispenser recharges in just an hour via USB and will last for 2,000 uses before it needs to be recharged. With no batteries to replace or messy and expensive liquid soap refills to buy, it’s become a family favourite for Mom and the kids. Jen V shared, “What a great product! Looks beautiful in the bathroom, no mess, fun to use, smells great, soft foam. Love it!”

Q: Besides your environmental mission, your business also supports The Black Dog Institute. Can you share why it’s a meaningful cause to you?

A: Supporting Mental Health research is a cause that is close to my heart. I have family who have suffered from depression and I’ve lost a friend to suicide. I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder and I really want to spread the awareness that it’s OK to talk about it. Mental Health should not be stigmatized. I know there are so many people who are directly or indirectly affected by mental health disorders, so research and support are really important.  We donate a portion of our annual profits to The Black Dog Institute because the work they do is amazing and we really want to give back to the community that supports us too.

Q: Any exciting projects on the horizon?

A: There are two new products we are hoping to release this year. Both of them fit the SaniSprite ethos of innovation and reducing plastic waste. We are still in the research phase, but already excited! Stay tuned.

SaniSprite seems well on their way to making a healthier life for the family just within reach. To shop their existing and upcoming products, feel free to visit www.sanisprite.com.

About the Company:

SaniSprite is an Australian company providing innovative sanitizing products that are better for the environment and help reduce waste. Our mission is to create a healthier space for you and your family.

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