Teeth Whitening Cost – The Advantages and Disadvantages of Going Pro 1

A dentistry clinic has issued their guide of the pros and cons of teeth whitening in a professional clinic rather than using a home kit.

The Osmin Denture Clinic said they wanted to help people weigh up why they should consider going to a trained and highly qualified dentist for their teeth whitening treatment rather than going it alone.

They have listed the pros and cons of using a professional clinic in a bid to help potential customers decide:


  • Faster results
  • Safer option
  • A professional team can address gums and teeth sensitivity according to each individual


  • More expensive than at home alternatives
  • The results are unpredictable as age, heritage and the type of bleaching being used will impact the outcome
  • Teeth whitening is not a permanent treatment and teeth may be liable for staining a few months after the procedure

A spokesperson from Osmin Denture Clinic said: “It is important people weigh up the pros and cons of the different options. Of course, it is going to be a bit more expensive opting to come to a dental clinic for a teeth whitening procedure, but we would always encourage people to opt for the more professional approach for safety reasons.

“Bleaching your teeth involves using dangerous chemicals. If you are coming to a professional clinic then we can guarantee what we are using and help to manage how you personally react to the procedure – results and reactions.

“Teeth whitening is actually one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures we do in our clinic. Some of our clients may take a home kit with them to help maintain their results for longer, but this is still carefully managed by a trained professional and we are always here to provide aftercare and support for our patients.

The cost of teeth whitening varied dependent upon the approach a patient chooses. Laser teeth whitening is the most luxurious option. This can cost between $1,000 and $1,500.

In-office dental whitening treatment is the second most expensive option, but the costs can vary between $200 and $1,000.

At home kits will usually cost under $100. Then there is the whitening trays, which are an in-between the home kit and the in-office option. These are kits you can use at home, but are selected and prepared and monitored by a qualified dentist. These are often used following an initial in-office teeth whitening procedure to prolong the results and keep stains at bay. These can cost between $100 and $500.  You an also get over the counter kits, but these will only whiten your front teeth and not the full set, unlike the whitening trays.

The spokesman continued: “With any of these options, we would always advise that patients discuss them with their dentist to make the right decision for them.”

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