Houston-Raised Young But Talented Hip Hop And Rap Artist Disrupt The Waves Of Entertainment Niche With The Release Of His New Album Tagged “Influenced” 1

October 28, 2020 – A top-rated Hip Hop and Rap Artist Lil Nunni, a.k.a Nunni announces the release of his new album called “Influenced”. Nunni, who was born in Hiram Clark, Houston, TX have his music career traceable to when he started rapping as a local artist and performing at local festivals in Houston at the age of five.

This talented and word bank rapper “Nunni” released his first single “Clean & Fresh” at age five. Other top songs which have been released by this young but talented artist includes Bussdown, Op conversation, Blitz, Snakes Inna Grass, Inna Dat, Money Machine and Draco effect, the latter which has recorded over 200,000 streams on the artist youtube channel.

Though very young, Lil Nunni’s music speaks of an artist who is mature, aware of his environment and able to communicate compelling and motivating stories that reveal details about his upbringing in Houston via song lyrics. In his new album “Influenced”, Nunni rides the beat in a calculated manner and doesn’t seem to strive for any bangers in the way that other artists might. The uniqueness of his Songs & Album has attracted several praising reviews from fans and listeners, and one of them is stated below.

His song “Draco Effect” caught my attention as a soul-stricken anthem a few weeks ago, and now, Nunni is back and better than ever with his latest single, “Op Conversation.” Raw in lyricism and aptly melodic, this one is the perfect concoction of all things Nunni and puts the star power of the 17-year old talent on full display. – Reviewer

Nunni’s originality and uniqueness have made him stand out among his peers and the fact that he did of all his record independently without any attachment to a label further talk about his uniqueness. In addition to music, Nunni also has clothing brand called NMB (New Money Banded) and that is why his appearance is always captivating. Nunni has his songs on a lot of world-leading platforms like Apple Music, Itunes, Amazon, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Napster, Youtube, and Spotify. He has concerts coming up in several cities like Houston, Dallas and Atlanta.

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