Integrated Payment System For CDK Dealers Announced By Business Resources, Enables Integrated Payment Processing And More Sales 1
PayMaple and CDK have come together to offer automotive dealerships an integrated solution for accepting, reconciling, tracking, and managing payments made through different modes that include Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards as well as checks and cash payments.

According to announcements released by Business Resources and Bart Carpenter, the new payment system for CDK dealers that the company has introduced takes away the hassles of working with a non-integrated system and allows automotive dealerships to generate more profits by readily accepting and processing payments made through different methods efficiently. Customers appreciate such a choice offered by dealers. Dealerships can improve workflows, and the savings accrued add to the bottom line.  

This solution is an excellent fit for dealers who have to spend valuable hours reconciling payments made variously through credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. at separate locations that run on non-integrated systems. The dealership’s  customers won’t have to waste time standing in line to make payments. Dealerships that still use the inefficient terminal system for accepting payments are allowing profits to leak away –  an integrated “touchless process” (ExpressPay) is an attractive alternative. 

The integrated payment solution offered by PayMaple enables dealers to bring down processing costs by 12% to 15%. The average dealer saves more than 24 hours on reconciling time. Transaction cost savings accrued are in the range of 30 to 50 BPS. Customers can also send payments via their phone using ExpressPay. An increase in customer satisfaction index (CSI) results from a better experience for customers and increases customer retention to the dealership. This single portal for multiple location dealerships provides in-depth insights that can be made available to the decision-makers in real-time.

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Bart Carpenter of Business Resources said, “We believe that technology and innovation are key to helping dealerships become more efficient and productive with their human and financial capital. We are committed to finding solutions that help dealerships streamline their business processes, add profit to their bottom line. We exist to solve problems and help dealerships get more control over their business using technology and automation.”

He continued to say, “Does your dealership have a proven, integrated payment system, so your people have more time to focus on the revenue-building task instead of tedious, mundane tasks that don’t make money? If you don’t, you lose profits because of higher fees on your transactions and wasted labor costs. With PayMaple and CDK’s partnership, you’ll experience an easier, more efficient way of doing business. Your customers will love it. You will keep about $20,000 to $40,000 more profit for every $1 million in transactions.”

Offering insight on the PayMaple and CDK partnership, Carpenter said, “PayMaple has teamed up with Automotive dealer groups to create a payment platform that can help optimize the dealerships along with hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of savings on payment acceptance from our Integrated Payment Solution.”

CDK is a technology company with a singular focus. Their priority is to make it easier for dealerships of all types to excel, and they do this by developing integrated technology that optimizes streamlines and assists daily operations — all backed by data-derived business insight.”

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Business Resources was created to enable dealerships ways to lower expenses, lower taxes, and improve operations. With over 33 years’ experience in automotive, Business Resources is dedicated to helping dealerships keep more of their profits using technology and partnerships to assist dealerships in running more efficiently. 

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