Representatives of global marine-related companies gathered at the CMEE in Shenzhen to discuss the future of the marine economy in the post-Covid context 1
The strategic forum of CMEE, the International Cooperation and Development Forum on Marine Economy 2020 brought together on-site and online 67 high-level speakers from 16 countries, as well as more than 750 participants on-site, and a large number of participants online.
The four-day 2020 China Marine Economy Expo (CMEE) ended successfully in Shenzhen on October 18. With the theme of “open cooperation, win-win sharing”, this year’s CMEE organized exhibitions, strategic forums and professional forums, as well as extensive supporting activities and created a new platform for technology exchanges, product demonstrations, business transactions, and investment promotion.

Shenzhen builds a global dialogue platform on the blue economy to discuss the issues and opportunities shaping the future of this fast growing sector

The forum’s agenda Included a total of 12 sessions, covering a number of major issues relevant to the marine economy, including ocean governance, the digitization of the shipping industry, integration of disruptive technologies in the different sectors of the marine economy, the interaction between oceans sustainability and climate change, etc. Speakers from China and overseas conducted in-depth discussions and shared insights and perspectives in an outcome-oriented way, looking at pragmatic ideas and recommendations on the blue economy developments, research, governance, and security issues.

Karin Kemper, Global Director of Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy at the World Bank, recognized the very important and critical role that China plays in the development of the marine economy. She highlighted the long cooperation that the World Bank and China have developed in different domains and looked at more in-depth cooperation and exploration in the future in the domain of marine economy to promote the development of this sector.

Vladimir Ryabinin, Executive Secretary of Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission UNESCO, proposed ways to better manage the ocean from the perspective of scientific governance. He observed that different regions in the world have different levels of capabilities in ocean research and management, and that countries such as China have made a lot of investment in related fields and continue to explore how to manage the ocean more scientifically, thus contributing a very valuable practice for the world.

Claude Smadja, an expert on international issues and chairman of the Smadja & Smadja Strategic Advisory, and producer of the Forum, remarked that the CMEE held in Shenzhen not only focuses on the more crucial issues for the future of the marine economy, but also create a valuable platform for business interaction between Chinese and foreign companies allowing the different key players in the blue economy to contribute ideas and recommendations for the sustainability, efficiency and growth of oceans related activities. “Shenzhen has built a blue economy dialogue platform for China and the world through the CMEE, which will play an increasingly important role – especially in the post-Covid era – to promote the recovery and technology-upgrading of the blue economy and enhance international cooperation to that effect.”

China’s new economic engine, boosting global blue growth

The blue economy has become a new engine for China’s development. The “2020 China Ocean Economic Development Index” released during the CMEE shows that China’s ocean GDP in 2019 was 8.9 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.2% over the previous year, and its contribution to the national economy reached 9.1%.

Speakers at the forum expect that the global marine industry will have tremendous development in the next ten years, as the pace of growth of many industries in the marine economy will exceed the global economic growth average, and China will be among the leading countries participating in this blue growth.

Peter Stokes, Senior Adviser and Head of Shipping of Lazard and Chairman of the Global Maritime Forum, pointed out that China occupies a leading position in the world in the fields of bulk cargo transportation, finished product export, shipbuilding and more and more shipping financing. ‘With the continuous growth of China’s economy in the future, the country will play an increasingly important role in the global blue economy.’

William ZHAO, Chairman of Total China, noted that with China’s economy taking the lead in the recovery from the pandemic, the demand for energy in industrial production is rising, and companies such as Total’s business in China have seen their business activity now being in full recovery.

Alf Kare Adnanes, General Manager of ABB Marine & Ports China mentioned that Shenzhen is becoming one of the most important shipping hubs in the world and should continue to innovate and seize the opportunity to consolidate its position as a leader and a hub in the blue ocean industry.

Exhibition + Forum + Supporting Activities, enhance the influence of the CMEE

In addition to the International Cooperation and Development Forum on Marine Economy 2020 – the strategic forum – the CMEE held 18 professional forums, covering many areas of the blue economy, including the development of marine resources, marine biomedicine, high-end offshore equipment, ship and port construction, marine satellites, Eco-environmental protection etc. Entrepreneurs, experts and scholars also discussed how to promote a higher-quality, more sustainable, development of the marine economy.

As the highlight of the CMEE, the exhibition was expanded from its size last year, with 608 exhibitors participating, including 67 overseas companies from than 40 sub-industries in the marine industry. A large number of high-precision technology and equipment were exhibited, connecting the upstream and downstream activities in the marine economy sector, with executives from marine-related industries exploring new opportunities for development.

The “online forum” made use of innovative technologies to allow a global audience to participate in the CMEE with “no time difference and no distance”, expanding the footprint and influence of the CMEE, promoting international exchanges for the development of blue industry in the post-pandemic era.

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