Amidst the world-threatening pandemic of COVID-19, PHANCIR solves people’s needs with high-quality, touchless, automatic soap dispenser 1
Amidst the world-threatening pandemic of COVID-19, PHANCIR solves people’s needs with high-quality, touchless, automatic soap dispenser
The world is going through a terrible pandemic, people all over the globe are facing serious problems. In such dire times, keeping oneself, especially the hands has become very crucial. Regular soaps are not very effective, since they come in contact with the hands of various people. These critical times call upon the use of the contactless solution for hand-cleaning, this is where PHANCIR comes in with specialized touchless automatic soap dispensers that are significantly hygienic.

New York, USA – The use of automatic soap dispensers have drastically increased since the pandemic of COVID-19. A soap dispenser can be installed in various places where many people can benefit from its utility like offices, malls, restaurants, banks and many other public places. PHANCIR holds specialized expertise in manufacturing the ultimate, premium quality touchless soap dispenser, that offers much more resistance to bacteria, viruses and germs to maintain a healthy life. An automatic soap dispenser senses the hands by using the sophisticated sensors and then regulates the flow of liquid soap.

PHANCIR provides automatic soap dispensers for home utility, such as bathrooms and kitchens and commercial areas. These soap dispensers can easily be mounted to a wall, thus allowing easy access to the public. Moreover, PHANCIR has designed the automatic soap dispensers to look stylish while proving very useful in daily life. The soap dispensers come in various sizes, shapes and colors and can be chosen appropriately depending upon the area of installation.

For home usage, there are up to three automatic soap dispensers available at PHANCIR. These dispensers include an automatic liquid soap dispenser, a rechargeable, portable liquid dispenser and a stainless steel automatic dispenser. In addition to using these automatic soap dispensers at home, they can also be placed in restaurant bathrooms, office desks and similar places.

One of the commercial soap dispensers includes an infrared thermometer-enabled soap dispenser. This automatic soap dispenser displays the temperature of the body, and if the temperature exceeds the preset threshold, it sounds an alarm thus surrounding people nearby. Furthermore, the temperature of this soap dispenser can be set to two temperatures, that being Celcius and Fahrenheit.

The automatic soap dispensers are loved by the customers because of the quality and efficiency of the products. Casey Hardnett, Head of Private Dental Clinic says “The PHANCIR automatic soap dispenser meets our continued business needs, allowing us to operate normally during the pandemic, ensuring the safety of our customers.” The world needs to adapt to the changes that have been brought due to this deadly virus, and PHANCIR aims to help people in adapting and making necessary lifestyle changes.

The main goal of PHANCIR is to provide ultra-premium quality, touchless soap dispensers for the customers so that they can reduce the transfer of the coronavirus. By providing automatic soap dispensers that don’t come in contact with other’s hands, the world can see a huge reduction in spreading of the virus.

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