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Barcelona, Spain – One thing that all of the e-commerce platforms on the Internet know is that interest without any sales is useless. This is the exact notion that PlayCouple ascribes to. They are a team of two from Barcelona that understand that even if you get a million clicks and get zero sales, then those clicks are useless.

E-commerce relies on sales. They are online businesses specifically designed to get products to consumers. If they are not selling their products, then they are losing profits. PlayCouple uses humor and other light-hearted methods to bring the fun back into marketing again.

They want to help people to rediscover the joy of buying again. That it can be enjoyable to search around the Internet for that perfect thing that will make your life that much easier, and more enjoyable. They team up with e-commerce businesses so that these businesses can get on their feet and find a good online market.

One way that PlayCouple advertises is through TikTok. This method is fresh and innovative. People are flocking to the Internet now more than ever for their entertainment needs. With COVID-19 raging, they are interested in social distancing as well as entertainment. TikTok is a perfect medium for both. Also, it is popular with the younger generation, who like to go online for their fun.

TikTok uses popular music, themes, and creativity to bring the audience fun. It can also enlighten them about what is there on the market. If you want to see more about what PlayCouple is doing with TikTok, then visit playcouple.

Additionally, the team does not stop there. They also post funny videos on Twitch. Twitch is a handle that a celebrity might employ as a gamer. It can also be a family channel. You can see some of their Spanish videos on Twitch. Of course, with a couple like this, they don’t have to be confined to just one medium or platform. You can also go onto their Instagram to see what they are doing.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated. This is why you can certainly understand that PlayCouple ascribes to this mentality in their work. It makes them a good fit for your company if you want to have fun while you work. Also, if you like the idea of integrating humor into your business, then this team might be for you.

You can visit the couple on their website and send them a line. There is a spot at the bottom of the page for all contact inquiries.

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