Rapper Qn9nety Releases New Music on Spotify 1

Rapper Qn9nety has released a brand new track on Spotify called “Storm”. It has been a long anticipated release from the artist and is performing very well on Spotify.

With almost hundreds and thousands of listeners and thousands of streaming hours on Spotify, Qn9nety is truly a hip-hop and rap artist on the rise.

About Qn9nety:

Growing up Qn9nety listened to a wide variety of music, in 2000 after just 1 listen to the Marshall Mathers LP his love for Hip-Hop began. Introduced by friends to the world of hip-hop legends including 2pac, Biggie and big L and the genre was engraved in his mind.

At the young age of 15 set up with a Deck mixer with a sing star mic, running to a cd player playing beats, while a second tape player was used for recording, he began to make his own music, his first group ILL MINDS was formed in a friends garage. Here the group recorded 50+ songs including their highly anticipate EP, Authentic Insanity. ILL MINDS first gig was McJazzyFest 2k11, a local festival with over 400 people, which gave them onstage confidence and gigs all over the North West soon followed.

In 2011 he enrolled in NWRC Derry to study music production and performance, the skills he learned here helped secure various jobs within the industry such as in the West End production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Although music has always been his passion over the last few years other elements of life had meant he couldn’t spend the time needed on making music, but this changed last year when a house moved gave him the opportunity for his own studio at home, from here Qn9nety was born.

This new studio was the spark that reignited the fire and allowed him to find the space in his mind to bring his new music to life. Each song is written, recorded, mixed and produced by Qn9nety, with 8 songs released and an album on the way, he is motivated more than ever. Along side his own music he has mixed and produced songs for other local artists, an avenue which he sees as a significant part of his music future.

Qn9nety is one for the future, an artist from Derry, Ireland. Hip-Hop influenced, he brings energy to his tracks with a venomous deliverance of conscious rap. Independent but by no means new to the music scene, Qn9nety has been around for the last 15 years, writing and performing on various platforms in Ireland with ILL MINDS before taking and break, but he is back with his new sound, pumped and ready to take the Hip-Hop scene to new level.

Where Can We Find Qn9nety?

You can find information on Qn9nety on his official website. He releases his music on music streaming platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. That is also where enthusiasts can listen to his brand new single Storm. Qn9nety also has a YouTube channel where he releases music videos and lyric videos, as well as other related content.

Qn9nety is also available and active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Follow him there to find out more about him, his music, and stay up to date with the latest Qn9nety news.

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