A1 Kansas City Dog Training Offers Premier Canine Training Services in Kansas City, KS 1
A1 Kansas City Dog Training Offers Premier Canine Training Services in Kansas City, KS

Kansas City, KS – While some dogs tend to be better behaved than others, all dogs can be properly trained as long as they receive proper instruction. A1 Kansas City Dog Training is a specialized dog training school in Kansas City, KS with many years of professional experience helping area residents provide the best training for their dogs. Whether dogs are having aggressive behaviors or lacking obedience, these specialists from A1 Kansas City Dog Training have the experience and the resources to help dogs to become better pets. 

A1 Kansas City Dog Training offers an extensive variety of services such as 1 on 1 training, specific dog training classes for protection dog to dog sports, as well as Their 4-stage, reward-based method contemplates all the necessary aspects. Therefore, dogs can learn new behaviors, and be able to repeat them fluently no matter where they are. Its system not only seeks to train the dogs, but also to provide the necessary orientation to the owners so that they are able to maintain the new behavior of their dogs over time. 

Regarding their top rated programs, the representative for A1 Kansas City Dog Training says, “At A1 Kansas City Dog Training /Advanced Canine Training (ACT), we provide obedience training through programs such as our top rated board & train packages which are tailored to meet your goals for living a happy well deserved life with your dog.”

Unlike other dog training schools, A1 Kansas City Dog Training focuses on providing the best training for dogs, and offering the right guidance to their owners. Therefore, they can get to know their dogs much better, and thus improve their relationships. To this end, their team develops training videos and class offerings that involve the active participation of dog owners and veterinarians so that they can also learn to manage and command their dogs. All their classes are conducted by certified and insured specialists who combine their vast experience with innovative resources to offer the best alternatives in class. This helps to focus on educating all types of canines, regardless of their breed or challenging behavior.

In addition to on-site Dog Training, A1 Kansas City Dog Training also offers private lessons, which are perfect to address specific in-home issues, while directly involving the owner during the training. They offer basic and advanced obedience services and they are both led by specialists in their field. 

“No matter which program you choose here at Advanced Canine Training we make sure you know how to maintain and uphold your dogs new behaviors for the rest of your time together. After we teach you to maintain these behaviors you will have the knowledge to expand the dog training further if you desire, teaching your dog new tricks and behaviors.” Said the representative regarding the usual training of the dogs. 

A1 Kansas City Dog Training is located at 1908 Sandusky Ave, Kansas City, KS 66102. Contact them via phone at (913) 354-7011 or via email at support@topdogtrainingofkansascity.com. For more information about their Kansas City dog training services, visit their website.

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