Kevin Strasser Releases Epic Concept Album 1
New Album Will Keep Listeners On The Edge Of Their Seats

Rock artist Kevin Strasser has put his talent and creativity to work in making a concept album about the journey of three misfits. “Summer’s End for the Runaways” blends heavy and progressive sounds to create a musical masterpiece for listeners. Rock music fans should add this to their playlist to begin their journey today.

“Summer’s End for the Runaways” tells the story of the adventures of three misfits, Gem, Ari, and Lyra. Each song tells another stage of their journey, coming together to make something truly epic. Kevin Strasser states: “Though they begin the story at cross-purposes and with vastly different personalities, the destruction of their hometown and all life as they knew it forces them to work together to overcome the dark forces and personal demons haunting them.” Along with a great story and lyrics, the songs have amazing instrumentals, which Kevin wrote, performed, and produced by himself. His immense talent has created a musical masterpiece. “Summers’ End for the Runaways” is available on streaming platforms worldwide.

After Kevin taught himself a multitude of instruments and production techniques, he released his first album, titled “The Dance of Desperation”, in 2017. Learning how to use studio equipment, Kevin released his first album titled “The Dance of Desperation” in 2017. He has continued to spend time in the studio making great albums, as well as formed a live band, The Midnight Crusade, to help showcase his music across the nation. Kevin hopes that his unique sound and ideas will reach listeners around the world.

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