Providing strategies and advice for people working remotely, The Nomadic Executive is a podcast by Nomadables 1
The world is ushering towards the trend of remote work, many people have started working from home because of the pandemic. To help such people, and entrepreneurs with their digital marketing, personal development and other aspects that relate to remote work, Nomadables bring The Nomadic Executive podcast. The podcast teaches remote workers on how to cope with such life.

Houston, TX, USA – The world is going through the life-threatening pandemic, in such a time of despair, businesses have adapted and urged their employees to work from their homes. Working from home is a huge change and takes a while in getting used to it. To help such people, The Nomadic Executive is a remote work podcast. The podcast discusses the relevant topics related to working from homes such as what is remote work, how to work and travel, how to monetize passion and many other interesting topics.

Providing strategies and advice for people working remotely, The Nomadic Executive is a podcast by Nomadables 2

Hosted by Omar Mo, The Nomadic Executive is a resourceful podcast for remote workers. By bringing weekly interviews, strategies, and advice for online entrepreneurs on designing their lives and businesses. The podcast is a special treat for remote workers, digital nomads, or people curious about building an online business.

The podcast is loved by people from all walks of life, who are recently seeing the trend of remote work and want to adapt to this kind of working environment. Featuring many entrepreneurs and travelers who are willing to share their stories and inspire others, The Nomadic Executive has gained the interests of many listeners. Eric says “Omar brings in fascinating guests and dives deep into so many topics that travelers can learn and benefit from. If you haven’t listened yet, definitely check it out.

Providing strategies and advice for people working remotely, The Nomadic Executive is a podcast by Nomadables 3

Omar Mo is also the founder of Nomadables, the agency responsible for helping people cope with the new norms created by the pandemic. Helping people with online entrepreneurship, marketing, travel logistics, lifestyle design and personal development, Nomadables creates resources for such people to live their lives happier, healthier and more freely.

Started in 2016, Omar decided it’s time for a change and flew across the world, in search of meaning and fulfillment. Along the way, he came in contact with people ranging from billionaires to monks. He learned from successful entrepreneurs on what made their businesses successful, and now he wants to share that with the world through Nomadables and The Nomadic Executive.

Nomadables is a gold mine full of resources for aspirant entrepreneurs, providing guides on how to market oneself and get recognized as a brand, attracting ideal customers that are related to the niche, starting out as a remote worker and then keep working remotely effectively and productively. Moreover, Nomadables also provides resources on how to earn online, travel logistics and personal development. Most importantly, Nomadables helps people become happier, healthier and more free.

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