13-Year-Old High School Dropout, Bogdan Juncewicz, Announces His New Educational Platform, ‘Potencia’, Designed To Teach What The Education System Fails To. 1
A new online learning platform for people who want to improve their health, income, relationships & happiness.

Bogdan Juncewicz made the decision to voluntarily drop out of high school at the age of 13, after realizing the education system was failing to teach him what was really important in life.

8 years later (age 21) Bogdan is the author of multiple bestselling books – including Skilled Success & Self Mastery – as well as an international speaker & well-established expert in the fields of education, accelerated learning, motivation, productivity & personal growth, with customers & clients from more than 80 countries around the world.

However today, his mission to ‘change education & transform lives’ takes a big step forward.

Bogdan has just announced his new educational platform, called ‘Potencia’, designed to deliver world-class content, products & programs in all of the important areas of life that the traditional education system falls short (including, health & fitness, personal relationships, money & finances, personal development & more.)

Statistics show that people around the world are struggling physically, mentally, emotionally & financially, more than ever before. For example, 2/3rds of all American’s are now either overweight or obese. More than 50% of marriages end in divorce, with this rate increasing every year. The average individual has $90,460 of debt & a growing percentage of people say they have no emergency savings whatsoever. Mental health issues, depression & suicide rates are also rising year over year.

Bogdan believes all of these problems & struggles come back to a lack of the right information, education & training we receive growing up.

‘Potencia’ is Bogdan’s proposed solution. Bogdan has partnered with many experienced experts (rather than just college professors who only teach theory) to provide world-class, educational products & programs on all of these important topics, for people of all ages, backgrounds & professions. It’s time to get the real education you need to create the health, finances, relationships & happiness you want in life.

More information about the new Potencia education platform can be found at https://www.PotenciaEducation.com

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