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Publicity is the lifeblood for the success of any business or personal brand. Authority Titans has positioned itself as the company that makes that happen. Based in the United States, Authority Titans is a top-rated PR agency affiliated with a host of high authority publications through which it propagates the profiles of its clients. Many clients have been featured in publications like NBC, NY Weekly, LA Wire, Yahoo, and many more notable publications.

From brand credibility to authority, Authority Titans has established itself as the fulcrum that keeps the wheel rolling for everything related to online and offline presence. With Authority Titans, athletes, artists, public figures, and celebrities can become authorities in their niche and have a more prominent online presence.

Authority Titans was established by Dillon Kivo, a seasoned entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, and public relations expert. He is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine, which shares impactful and unique stories about brands and individuals to give them an edge over competitors in their industry. Dillon’s work has been featured in top-tier publications like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Forbes, etc. He is the go-to expert on public relations and brand positioning for many iconic Fortune 500 companies, executives, celebrities, and non-profit organizations.

Dillon Kivo has always had a knack for entrepreneurship and making things happen. This mindset spurred him to create a notable company like Authority Titans which has been committed over the years to taking brands to the next level by utilizing his PR and marketing secrets to boost clients credibility. In his words, “I’ve always wanted to change people’s lives. And since I established Authority Titans, changing people’s lives is what we do every day. We are committed to helping people get the recognition they deserve for their achievements and hard work.” All the practices and strategies used at Authority Titans are direct replications of what Dillon Kivo applied to his personal brand and companies. Like everyone else, He didn’t start out as an authority in the public relations industry. He put in the work, built his profile, and networked with the right people who’ve helped launch Authority Titans.

Additionally, Authority Titans prides itself on its fast turn-around time without any dent in the quality of service delivered. Authority Titans has worked with notable personalities like Ice Cube, Rob Griffith, Casey Adams, and companies like cbdMD, amongst others. If you’re looking to increase the trust you have with your clients visit

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