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From the last 75 years, librarians and scientists have been evaluating journals. With the foundation of, it became very convenient to do computer-compiled statistical reports not only on the output of journals but also in terms of citation frequency. It became very easy for researchers and scientists to access the impact factor of various journals so that they can choose the best journal for their publication.

The impact factor or journal impact factor is a scientometric index which enables you to know how many average numbers of citations an article published in the year from a given journal. It is frequently used by researchers to calculate the relative importance of a journal within its relative field. The journals that have a higher impact factor are given more preference as compared to the journals with lower impact factor.

There are many uses of the journal impact factor report. It is a very useful tool when it comes to clarifying the total citation frequencies. It also eliminates the biasness that prefers the large journals over the small ones. Another most popular application of journal impact factor involves market research for researchers and publishers. When doing market analysis then impact factor provides quantitative evidence to publishers and researchers to publish their journals in relation to the competition  Another main advantage of the journal impact factor is that it helps the librarians and researchers to manage the library journal collections.

Journal impact factor report could be made on yearly or on the basis of 5 years. Calculation of the impact factor of a journal could be a very challenging task as it requires a person to put a lot of information into a formula. So, for this purpose, there are many online platforms that provide an impact factor journal list and impact factor reports which researches can use as a reference for their publications. SCI PUBLICATION is one of the largest names in the market which allows the researches to make an impact with their publications.

There are more than 16000 journals listed on the website since the year 2000. The number of journals in the journal library keeps on increasing day by day. People can sign up on the website for free and join the community of 1 Million+ researchers. Users can find the best and stand out journals for their publications on the website. There are 30+ categories on the websites each one with its own list of journals. Users can access top 10 journals on the base of their impact factor and use them in citations. It has become very easy to find the journals relevant to the users’ field.

So, if the user is a student, researcher, or scientist and wants to make an impact with their publications then they should join SCI Publication as it provides the best available resources that are required to give a publication a massive weightage.

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