Alternative Replacement Cross Equivalent of HVCA high voltage Diodes 1
Alternative Replacement Cross Equivalent of HVCA high voltage Diodes
HVCA diode alternative replacement.

HVC supply high voltage diodes as alternative replacement of High Voltage Diode from HVCA (Dean Technology) 10kv, 20kv, 30kv, 40kv high voltage diode manufacturer.

Most of HVC Capacitor’s customer use high voltage ceramic capacitor and high voltage diode to build Voltage multiplier, (CASCADE COCKCROFT-WALTON VOLTAGE MULTIPLIER in high voltage generator) which is basic circuit for X-ray, CT and NDT machine.

In 2018, HVC Capacitor partner with local famous HV diode producer to win quite a lot HV projects. Customers also approval HVC brand Diode. In this market, most clients using HVCA diode from U.S.A, and more famous names like Japanese Origin and Sanken. All of above is not world-class renown brands like Vishay, TDK, Murata. Since this is specialized market and not massive product market like home electronics and consumer electronics. HVC HV diode widely used in aerospace, military weapons, mote vehicles, medical X-ray machine, electrostatic dedustings, scientific research institute.  

Above mention HVCA diode have production base in Northeastern and Southeastern China. HVC brand high voltage diode with the same quality standard to Chinese producer and already gaining more and more replacement project in Europe and American market

HVC high voltage diode with the following advantage feature:

1) Low leakage current, high surge, and high current shock resistance

2) High reverse voltage, low forward current and avalanche breakdown protection.

3) Fast response, high efficiency and ultra-fast recover tiime.

4) High heat resistance, PN junction temperature up to 175℃

Following are detail HVD Diode Pn as alternative replacement equivalent for HVCA diodes.

Know more info check:

Part Number Repetitive Average Maximum Reverse HVC  Diode
Reverse Output Recovery Alternative
Voltage(VRRM) Current(IO) Time(Trr)  Replacement
      Equivalent P/N
HVCA Brand        
DV6P 6KV 75mA 75ns HVD-SL6G75
DV8P 8KV 60mA 75ns HVD-SL8G60
DV10P 10KV 55mA 75ns HVD-SL10G55
G6FS 6KV 25mA 100ns HVD-SL6G25
G7FS 7KV 25mA 100ns HVD-SL7G25
G8FS 8KV 25mA 100ns HVD-SL8G25
G10FS 10KV 25mA 100ns HVD-SL10G25
G12FS 12KV 25mA 100ns HVD-SL12G25
G15FS 15KV 25mA 100ns HVD-SL15G25
G20FS 20KV 25mA 100ns HVD-SL20G25
G25FS 25KV 25mA 100ns HVD-SL25G25
G30FS 30KV 25mA 100ns HVD-SL30G25
G2FSA 2KV 25mA 75ns HVD-SL2G25
G3FSA 3KV 25mA 75ns HVD-SL3G25
G4FSA 4KV 25mA 75ns HVD-SL4G25
G5FSA 5KV 25mA 75ns HVD-SL5G25
HL300 3KV 40mA 100ns HVD-SL3G40
HL500 5KV 40mA 100ns HVD-SL5G40
HL800 8KV 40mA 100ns HVD-SL8G40
HL1000 10KV 40mA 100ns HVD-SL10G40
HL1200 12KV 40mA 100ns HVD-SL12G40
HVEF8P 8KV 30mA 20ns  
HVEF10P 10KV 20mA 20ns  
HVEF12P 12KV 20mA 20ns  
NV20FP 2KV 20mA 80ns HVD-SL2G20
NV30FP 3KV 20mA 80ns HVD-SL3G20
NV40FP 4KV 20mA 80ns HVD-SL4G20
NV50FP 5KV 20mA 80ns HVD-SL5G20
HVRT080 8KV 30mA 100ns HVD-SL8G30
HVRT120 12KV 30mA 100ns HVD-SL12G30
HVRT150 15KV 30mA 100ns HVD-SL15G30
HVRT200 20KV 30mA 100ns HVD-SL20G30
HVRT250 25KV 30mA 100ns HVD-SL25G30
HVRT300 30KV 30mA 100ns HVD-SL30G30
HVRL150 15KV 30mA 100ns HVD-SL15G30
HVRL200 20KV 30mA 100ns HVD-SL20G30
HVRL250 25KV 30mA 100ns HVD-SL25G30
HVRL300 30KV 30mA 100ns HVD-SL30G30
HVRL400 40KV 30mA 100ns HVD-SL40G30
HV07-12B 12KV 225mA / HVD-SL312
HV37-08 8KV 210mA 150ns HVD-SL308G
HV37-08F 8KV 210mA 50ns HVD-SL208G
HV37-10 10KV 190mA 150ns HVD-SL310G
HV37-10F 10KV 190mA 120ns HVD-SL310GF
HV37-12 12KV 250mA 100ns HVD-SL312G
HV37-12F 12KV 300mA 80ns HVD-SL312GF
HV37-20 20KV 200mA 100ns HVD-SL220G
HV37-20F 20KV 200mA 80ns HVD-SL220GF
CL03-08 8KV 400mA 100ns HVD-SL03-08
CL03-10 10KV 300mA 100ns HVD-SL03-10
CL03-12 12KV 250mA 100ns HVD-SL03-12
CL03-15 15KV 200mA 100ns HVD-SL03-15
CL03-20 20KV 120mA 100ns HVD-SL03-20
CL03-30 30KV 120mA 100ns HVD-SL03-30
2CL2FF 8KV 60mA 150ns HVD-2CL2FF
2CL2F 8KV 100mA / HVD-2CL2F
2CL2FG 10KV 60mA 150ns HVD-2CL2FG
2CL2G 10KV 100mA / HVD-2CL2G
2CL2FK 10KV 140mA 100ns HVD-2CL2FK
2CL2FH 12KV 60mA 150ns HVD-2CL2FH
2CL2H 12KV 100mA / HVD-2CL2H
2CL2FJ 15KV 60mA 150ns HVD-2CL2FJ
2CL2J 15KV 100mA / HVD-2CL2J
2CL2FL 15KV 120mA 100ns HVD-2CL2FL
2CL2FM 20KV 100mA / HVD-2CL2FM
2CL2FP 30KV 140mA 100ns HVD-2CL2FP
2CL2FR 35KV 100mA 100ns HVD-2CL2FR
2CL105 9KV 450mA / HVD-2CL105
2CL106 12KV 450mA / HVD-2CL106
UX-FBR8 8KV 420mA / HVD-2CL8KV/420mA
UX-FOB 8KV 500mA / HVD-SL513G
UX-F2CL15 15KV 150mA 50ns HVD-2CLG15KV/150mA
UX-F15B 15KV 200mA 50ns HVD-2CLG15KV/200mA
UX-F30B 30KV 100mA 50ns HVD-2CLG30KV/100mA
2CL105 9KV 450mA / HVD-2CL105
2CL106 12KV 450mA / HVD-2CL106
BR2F 2KV 900mA 100ns HVD-SL2F
BR2 2KV 1000mA / HVD-SL2
BR3F 3KV 900mA 100ns HVD-SL3F
BR4F 4KV 600mA 100ns HVD-SL4F
BR4 4KV 850mA / HVD-SL4
BR5F 5KV 600mA 100ns HVD-SL5F
BR6F 6KV 500mA 100ns HVD-SL6F
BR8F 8KV 400mA 100ns HVD-SL8F
BR10F 10KV 250mA 100ns HVD-SL10F
BRU10SF 10KV 250mA 75ns HVD-SLU10SF
HV200UF3 3KV 375mA 50ns HVD-SL200UF3
HV200UF4 4KV 375mA 50ns HVD-SL200UF4
HV200UF5 5KV 375mA 50ns HVD-SL200UF5
HV550S08 8KV 550mA / HVD-HV600S08
HV550S10 10KV 450mA / HVD-HV600S10
HV550S12 12KV 400mA / HVD-HV600S12
HV550S15 15KV 350mA / HVD-HV600S15
HV550S20 20KV 250mA / HVD-HV600S20
HV550S25 25KV 200mA / HVD-HV600S25
HV550S30 30KV 200mA / HVD-HV600S30
HV550S45 45KV 100mA / HVD-HV600S45
HVCF25 2.5KV 1500mA 75ns HVD-2CLG2.5KV/1.5A
HVCF50 5KV 1200mA 75ns HVD-2CLG5KV/1.2A
HVCF100 10KV 650mA 75ns HVD-2CLG10KV/0.65A
HVRW1 1KV 2500mA 150ns HVD-HVRW1
HVRW2 2KV 1500mA 150ns HVD-HVRW2
HVRW3 3KV 1500mA 150ns HVD-HVRW3
HVRW4 4KV 1000mA 150ns HVD-HVRW4
HVW3 3KV 2000mA / HVD-HVRM3
UFHV2K 2KV 550mA 75ns HVD-SL2G550
UFHV3K 3KV 400mA 75ns HVD-SL3G400
UFHV4K 4KV 350mA 75ns HVD-SL4G350


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