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Torrance, CA – Certain actions or inactions can cause a strain on romantic relationships. Couples may find that they are unable to repair their relationship thus tearing them apart further. At Healthy Relationships Counseling Services, the experienced relationship counselor has seen many cases and has helped many couples to find a common ground, saving them individually from self-destruction and their marriage from impending collapse.

“Research tells us that happily married people are healthier, emotionally, and physically than their single counterparts. They are wealthier, have stronger immune systems, and are more intimate. They even live longer. Your healthy and loving relationship is worth fighting for. I want to help you to do that. My commitment to helping you thrive in your relationships is unwavering. I have dedicated the last two decades to couple’s therapy. I have a no-nonsense approach to marriage therapy. And as my male clients will tell you, I am husband-friendly,” said the counselor at Healthy Relationships Counseling Services.

Couples who are experiencing troubles in their relationships can rely on the expertise of the lead counselor at Healthy Relationships Counseling Services to help them to discover the strengths of their relationship while also teaching them how to use those strengths to improve their marriage.

As a trained expert in Counseling Psychology, as well as in Marriage and Family Therapy, Dr. Bonnie Kennan of Healthy Relationships Counseling Services offers a range of Torrance Relationship Counseling services. Couples will have access to counseling, coaching, and relationship education from the trained and experienced counselor.

Those who are interested in a Marriage or Relationship Counselor will find that Dr. Bonnie Kennan offers services like relationship life therapy which is focused on bringing honesty, passion, and joy to even the most challenging relationships. Couples who are a part of this program will enjoy numerous user-friendly strategies that are employed to empower them and their relationships.

The counselor also offers Emotionally focused therapy that takes a psychotherapeutic approach to help clients to expand and reorganize their key emotional responses. Under this program, clients will be able to identify the negative cycles of interaction and replace them with new, more effective cycles so they can work closely with their partners to strengthen their relationship.

Dr. Bonnie Kennan of Healthy Relationships Counseling Services also offers a special program, Journey to Intimacy, one that is paced to suit the participant’s schedule. Being an online course, clients will be able to enjoy it from the comfort and privacy of their homes while also enjoying a better level of intimacy in their relationship.

Those who are in need of group therapy sessions can also trust Healthy Relationships Counseling Services to deliver an amazing and supportive group therapy that is focused on helping participants to explore their way into relationships.

Healthy Relationships Counseling Services offers counseling services to couples on the brink of divorce, helping them to work on their marriage for a better future together.

Visit Healthy Relationships Counseling Services at 25500 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 1220, Torrance, CA, 90505, or call (310) 265-6644. For more information, send an email to or visit their website.

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