The True Essence of the Ocean in a Bottle for Improved Oral Health and a Confident Smile 1
OLAS Mouthrinse – an all-natural mouthwash inspired by the Ocean’s healing power, is a perfect blend of rich sea salts and pure essential oils bottled in a recycled flask for good oral hygiene, a radiant smile, and a cleaner planet.

Oral Health is essential for improved overall health and wellbeing of a person. It has a significant impact on the quality of life as people who maintain excellent oral hygiene are more confident and have a charming personality. Good oral health has countless benefits ranging from improved oral functions, lowering the risk of oral diseases, and a bright white smile. Poor oral hygiene results in various complications and frequent visits to the dentists, causing multiple inconveniences and is very heavy on the pocket. To enjoy all the benefits and avoid all the hassles practicing good oral care on a daily basis is crucial.

The True Essence of the Ocean in a Bottle for Improved Oral Health and a Confident Smile 2

The best way to have absolute oral health is to brush twice a day, floss after every meal, and rinse the mouth with a  mouthwash a few times a day to inhibit bacteria’s growth, the root cause of terrible breath and other oral health issues. A good quality mouthwash not only freshens the breath but stops the building up of plaque, removes food particles from the gums and teeth, and prevents the formation of cavities. The most crucial aspect is determining the right one from the plethora of products available in the market because most are alcohol-based and contain hidden toxic ingredients.

Wellness has introduced a luxurious all-natural mouthwash prepared from the best ingredients to ensure balanced oral health and fresh breath. OLAS Mouthrinse is a gentle, alcohol-free mouthwash with no artificial colors or fragrances to avoid the unfavorable side effects of mouthwashes containing chemical ingredients. The innovative formula is created from the natural components extracted from the oceans. The all natural mouthwash is a perfect balance of marine bio ingredients, pure sea salts, blue, green algae, and a healthy blend of essential oils. The product is free from sodium lauryl sulfate, fluoride, or artificial ingredients, making it suitable for people of all ages.  The marine ingredients are carefully selected that have extensive benefits and are safe for human use. In this natural mouthwash, the sea salts are responsible for creating an Alkaline PH environment in the mouth that stops bacteria growth for increased oral healing.  Marine Bio-Active Complex is a unique mix of ingredients that uses blue, green algae, seaweed, to provide essential minerals like calcium and magnesium and marine collagen. The powerful marine bioactive complex destroys the harmful bacteria, prevents plaque build-up, and promotes healthy teeth and gums. Echinacea is another active ingredient of this unique mouthwash, an immunity booster that supports the body’s natural defense system.

The True Essence of the Ocean in a Bottle for Improved Oral Health and a Confident Smile 3

The packaging is very aesthetically pleasing and environment friendly. This multifunctional natural mouthwash is packaged in a beautiful recycled whiskey flask, reusable to support the vision of cleaner oceans and a plastic-free world. It is entirely cruelty-free, and no harm was done to any living being during the manufacturing process. OLAS Mouthrinse is available in multiple volumes, and the consumers can subscribe for a month’s delivery to receive unparalleled discounts.

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