7X Energy Advises Landowners on Solar Development 1

November 18, 2020 – Austin, TX – As the global market is picking the pace with incorporating solar projects and becoming a part of the solar industry, trusted utility-scale solar development company, 7X Energy has taken into account some facts that landowners should consider to allow utility-scale solar development on their land. 

7X Energy Advises Landowners on Solar Development 2

With the growing popularity and embracement of solar projects on a global level, the economic and environmental benefits of the same, 7X Energy brings to light some of the significant points worth considering for landowners right from the start of a solar development project to making the right choices. 7X Energy recommends landowners to indulge in a utility-scale solar project if any or all of the following things interest them. Re-purposing the land, motivation to consider solar on the land, a long-term regular income, social benefits like stimulating the local economy, bring jobs, and increased tax economy.

Next in line is selecting the right solar developer or development company to partner with. 7X Energy advises landowners to consider a variety of options when choosing the right solar developer, and also that not all are the same. “There are a few similarities without a doubt but the differences are the ones that determine a plethora of facts including the development of the land, the landowner’s job during the development process, the developer’s communication with the landowner, and much more. The relationship between the company and its associates are of exemplary importance.”

While suggesting choosing the right developer, 7X Energy recommends “The right developer should understand the landowner’s various needs and many concerns. A good solar developer will walk you through the solar development process – every step of the way. They will recognize that there are never too many questions.” 

Taking a decision that is always best might be a hard responsibility but pays off greatly. Talking to the solar developers, researching the company, and reaching out to other landowners having experience with these companies or providers, is the play to make. 7X Energy additionally advises landowners to check on the following about the developer:

       •  Knowledge

       •  Process performance with diligence

       •  Prompt response and query solving

       •  Respect for the land

       •  Intending for a win-win solution for all

About 7X Energy

7X Energy is a trusted utility-scale solar development company based on an approach that fuses innovation, flexibility, and experience to produce cost-competitive solar energy. While 7X’s mission is to make the world sustainable for future generations by boosting the selection of renewable energy. The name 7X energy originates from the Iroquois philosophy inspiring citizens of today to live and work so that the coming seven generations benefit from it.

7X Energy is committed to making the development and delivery of renewable resources cost-effective so that clean energy has more comprehensive access. 

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