7X Energy Educates Landowners on Solar Development 1

November 18, 2020 – Austin, TX – As solar energy becomes more globally integrated into the energy mix, trusted utility-scale solar development company, 7X Energy has taken into account some key factors that landowners should consider when deciding to have utility-scale solar development on their land. 

Before the development process, 7X Energy first recommends landowners consider what is motivating them to consider solar on their property.  Are the landowners ready to re-purpose the land for a long-term development process? Are they looking for a long-term regular income? Are they needing to supplement their revenue to keep the land? Are they looking for ways to stimulate the local economy by bringing jobs and increased tax benefits?

Next in line is selecting the right solar developer or development company to partner with. 7X Energy advises landowners to consider a variety of components when choosing the right solar developer, and note that they are not all the same. “There are a few similarities without a doubt, but the differences are the ones that will determine if a project gets completed. Some of those factors include understanding the land topography, the landowner’s role during the development process, the developer’s communication with the landowner, and much more. The relationship between the company and the landowner is of extreme importance.”

When choosing the right developer, 7X Energy recommends “The right developer should understand the landowner’s various needs and concerns. An experienced solar developer will walk you through the solar development process – every step of the way. They will recognize that there are never too many questions.” 

It may be hard to decide who to choose, but talking to the solar developers, researching the company, and reaching out to other landowners who have experience with these companies, is the best way to make an informed decision. 7X Energy additionally advises landowners to check on the following about the developer:

       •  Knowledgeable

       •  Performs due diligence while keeping the process going

       •  Promptly responds and solves queries

       •  Respects the land

       •  Focuses on a win-win solution for all

About 7X Energy

7X Energy is a leading utility-scale solar developer, owner, and asset manager. The company is independently owned and consists of a diverse team of seasoned industry veterans with over 10,000 MW of collective utility-scale expertise. The company’s approach fuses innovation, flexibility, and experience to produce cost-competitive solar energy projects. 7X’s mission is to make the world sustainable for future generations by accelerating adoption of renewable energy. The name 7X energy originates from the Iroquois philosophy inspiring citizens of today to live and work for the benefit of seven generations into the future.

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