Alternative Replacement Cross Reference of VMI high voltage Diodes 1
Alternative Replacement Cross Reference of VMI high voltage Diodes
VMI diode alternative and replacement
HVC offers alternative replacement for VMI high voltage diodes. both glass package and epoxy package.

HVC supply high voltage diodes as alternative replacement of High Voltage Diode from VMI (Voltage Multipliers Inc), 10kv, 20kv, 30kv, 40kv high voltage diode manufacturer. 

Most of their customer use high voltage ceramic capacitor and high voltage diode to build Voltage multiplier, (CASCADE COCKCROFT-WALTON VOLTAGE MULTIPLIER in high voltage generator) which is basic circuit for X-ray, CT and NDT machine.

In 2018, They partner with local famous HV diode producer to win quite a lot HV projects. Customers also approval HVC brand Diode. In diode market, most clients using USA brand high voltage diode VMI and EDI.EDI diode suitable to more economic market, and VMI diode design for very high current high power market segment. HVC HV diode widely used in aerospace, military weapons, mote vehicles, medical X-ray machine, electrostatic deducting, scientific research institute. That is same to VMI and EDI diode’s application market.

VMI (Voltage Multipliers Inc) is a USA brand High voltage diode manufacturer, and focus on high-end market segment like medical, aerospace, military, communication etc. They provide glass pack diode and traditional plastic encapsulated diodes. Their product with much higher working current than other brands. HVC diode also offer high temperature (160 ℃) function to replace VMI glass pack model, HVC also have diode model that working current up to 5000ma, with HVC’s advantage diode wafer packing technology, They able to offer same high power diode yet with high working voltage and ultra-fast recovery to 40ns.  

HVC HV diode peak working revere voltage (VRWM) from 1kv to 30kv, high voltage silicon stack voltage up to 500kv, Average Forward Current (IF(AV)) from 10MA to 20A, Reverse Recovery Time (trr) from 35ns to 2000ns, working frequency 50HZ to 200kHZ.

HVC high voltage diode with the following advantage feature:

1) Low leakage current, high surge, and high current shock resistance

2) High reverse voltage, low forward current and avalanche breakdown protection.

3) Fast response, high efficiency and ultra-fast recover time.

4) High heat resistance, PN junction temperature up to 175℃

Following frequently search high voltage diode part number from VMI (Voltage Multipliers Inc) 

HVC offer alternative replacement item for all of them:

Part Number Repetitive Average Maximum Reverse HVC  Diode
Reverse Output Recovery Alternative
Voltage(VRRM) Current(IO) Time(Trr)  Replacement
      Equivalent P/N
Voltage Multipliers Inc
Z100SG 10KV 500mA 3000ns Inquiry for HVC Diode PN
Z100FG 10KV 500mA 200ns Inquiry for HVC Diode PN
Z100UFG 10KV 500mA 200ns Inquiry for HVC Diode PN
X150FF5 15KV 50mA 50ns Inquiry for HVC Diode PN
X200SG 20KV 25mA 3000ns Inquiry for HVC Diode PN
X200FG 20KV 25mA 200ns Inquiry for HVC Diode PN
X200UFG 20KV 25mA 100ns Inquiry for HVC Diode PN
M160SG 16KV 10mA 3000ns Inquiry for HVC Diode PN
M160FG 16KV 10mA 200ns /
M160UFGHT 16KV 10mA 100ns /
M160UFG 16KV 10mA 100ns /
Z150SG 15KV 300mA 3000ns /
Z150FG 15KV 300mA 200ns /
Z150UFG 15KV 300mA 100ns /
X150SG 15KV 50mA 3000ns /
X150FG 15KV 50mA 200ns /
X150UFG 15KV 50mA 100ns /
X150FF5 15KV 50mA 50ns /
X150FF3 15KV 50mA 30ns /
Z50SG 5KV 1000mA 3000ns /
Z50FG 5KV 1000mA 200ns /
Z50UFG 5KV 1000mA 100ns /
1N6517 5KV 1000mA 70ns /
1N6839 5KV 600mA 50ns /
1N6837 5KV 500mA 30ns /
Z50FF5 5KV 360mA 50ns /
Z50FF3 5KV 360mA 30ns /
X50FG 5KV 150mA 200ns /
X50SG 5KV 150mA 3000ns /
1N6525 5KV 150mA 70ns /
X50FF5 5KV 150mA 50ns /
X50FF3 5KV 150mA 30ns /
M50SG 5KV 150mA 3000ns /
M50FG 5KV 150mA 200ns /
M50UFG 5KV 150mA 100ns /
1N6533 5KV 150mA 70ns /
M50FF5 5KV 150mA 50ns /
M50FF3 5KV 150mA 30ns /
1N6515 3KV 1500mA 70ns /
1N6523 3KV 250mA 70ns /
1N6531 3KV 100mA 70ns /
X25FG 2.5KV 250mA 200ns /
X25UFG 2.5KV 250mA 100ns /
M25SG 2.5KV 100mA 3000ns /
M25FG 2.5KV 100mA 200ns /
M25UFG 2.5KV 100mA 100ns /
1N6513 2KV 2000mA 70ns /
Z20FF5 2KV 1000mA 50ns /
Z20FF3 2KV 1000mA 30ns /
1N6521 2KV 500mA 70ns /
X20FF5 2KV 420mA 50ns /
X20FF3 2KV 420mA 30ns /
1N6529 2KV 250mA 70ns /
X25SG 2.5KV 250mA 3000ns /
Z25UFG 2.5KV 1500mA 100ns /
Z25FG 2.5KV 1500mA 200ns /
1N6519 10KV 500mA 70ns /
Z100FF5 10KV 180mA 50ns /
Z100FF3 10KV 180mA 30ns /
X100SG 10KV 100mA 3000ns /
X100FG 10KV 100mA 200ns /
X100UFG 10KV 100mA 100ns /
X50UFG 5KV 150mA 100ns /
1N6527 10KV 100mA 70ns /
X100FF5 10KV 80mA 50ns /
X100FF3 10KV 80mA 30ns /
M100SG 10KV 25mA 3000ns /
M100FG 10KV 25mA 200ns /
M100UFG 10KV 25mA 100ns /
1N6535 10KV 25mA 70ns /
M100FF5 10KV 5mA 50ns /
M100FF3 10KV 5mA 30ns /
K50S 5KV 2200mA 3000ns /
K50F 5KV 2200mA 200ns /
K50UF 5KV 2200mA 100ns /
K25UF 2.5KV 3000mA 100ns /
K25F 2.5KV 3000mA 200ns /
K25S 2.5KV 3000mA 3000ns /
K100UF 10KV 1500mA 100ns /
K100F 10KV 1500mA 200ns /
K100S 10KV 1500mA 3000ns /
Rectifier Assemblies
SPJ400F 40000KV 0.05A 70ns Inquiry for HVC Diode PN.
SPJ200F 20000KV 0.05A 70ns Inquiry for HVC Diode PN
SPJ100F 10000KV 0.05A 70ns Inquiry for HVC Diode PN
SPJ300F 30000KV 0.05A 70ns Inquiry for HVC Diode PN
SP200UF 20000KV 0.5A 70ns Inquiry for HVC Diode PN
SP150UF 15000KV 0.5A 70ns /
SP50UF 5000KV 0.5A 70ns /
SP100UF 10000KV 0.5A 70ns /
FP200UF 20000KV 2.2A 70ns /
FP150UF 15000KV 2.2A 70ns /
FP100UF 10000KV 2.2A 70ns /
FP50UF 5000KV 2.2A 70ns /
FP150S 15000KV 2.2A 3000ns /
FP200S 20000KV 2.2A 3000ns /
SPJ400S 40000KV 0.05A 3000ns /
SPJ100S 10000KV 0.05A 3000ns /
SPJ200S 20000KV 0.05A 3000ns /
SPJ300S 30000KV 0.05A 3000ns /
SP200S 20000KV 0.5A 3000ns /
SP150S 15000KV 0.5A 3000ns /
SP100S 10000KV 0.5A 3000ns /
SP50S 5000KV 0.5A 3000ns /
FP100S 10000KV 2.2A 3000ns /
FP50S 5000KV 2.2A 3000ns /


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