Jaswant S. Gill, CPA, P.C., Highlights the Importance of End of the Year Tax Planning 1
No matter what happens in current political climate, proper tax planning is still important.

While many people are wondering what will happen with taxes as the political and governmental climate in the United States is changing, Jaswant S. Gill, CPA, P.C., is helping people keep tax planning goals in mind. No matter what happens in politics this year, tax planning is still as important as ever during the final quarter of 2020, says Gill.

Gill is a CPA located in Beverly Hills, California, who specializes in tax planning, accounting, and international tax. His personalized service helps clients get the most from their tax planning strategies, and to date, Gill has worked with clients across the country.

Although many people are worried about taxes in the coming year, Gill advises his clients to stay prudent in their tax planning. “Proactive tax planning reduces liabilities and ensures accurate tax preparation for businesses and individuals,” said Gill.

Business owners should be planning for quarterly taxes, and both individuals and businesses should be getting ready to file their income taxes. For many, this means ensuring their accounting and paperwork is up to date for deductions.

Currently, Gill is accepting new clients for accounting, proactive tax planning, IRS tax resolution services, and other tax and financial planning needs. Prospective clients can request a free strategic tax planning session, as well. More information can be found at https://www.jsgcpas.com.

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Beverly Hills CPA Jaswant S. Gill offers expertise in tax planning, accounting, and international tax.

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