Kingsons Launches in its Cleanie Sling Bags For Coronavirus Essentials 1

November 25, 2020 – In a bid to help the world minimize the risks of contracting the coronavirus, backpack manufacturer Kingson Prime has launched the Cleanie Bag, an easy-to-disinfect bag designed to carry essentials like sanitizers, facemasks, gloves, thermometers, and more. The Cleanie Bag is an all-purpose portable sling backpack cum sterilizer integrated with unique ultraviolet technology that kills 99% Covid germs.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, people have no option but to carry on with their daily lives with regard to work and education. The team at Kingsons is out to make sure that everyone stays safe with its innovative sling bags. Kingsons’ s water-resistant Cleanie Sling Bags have been designed to beef up protection against the coronavirus. At the push of a button, users can disinfect the interior of their sling bags together with the contents in it like phones, tablets, facemasks, keys, wallets, and more. The Backpack interior is lined with powerful LEDs that emit ultraviolet rays that have the capacity to kill coronavirus causal germs in just three minutes.

Kingosns’ Cleanie Sling Bags are the world’s first disinfectant bags. They are ideal for all, from students to executives. The sling bags are perfect for those who travel light and only need to carry portable items such as mobile phones, glasses, earphones, credit card bags, keys, and battery packs. Away from its ability to sterilize in 3 minutes, the Cleanie Sling Bags are also tech-savvy. They are water-resistant and come with a suspension harness that allows it to hang from a bicycle b ar. The Cleanie bag is especially, a gift to cyclists who ride for fun or as a profession. When riding the bag straps tightly to the bicycle bar or handle and off the bike, users can hang them around their body and not notice that they are even there. Despite being primarily designed to help minimize exposure to the coronavirus, the Cleanie Sling Bags are comfortable and stylish. It features hook and loop straps, a quick access pocket, YKK AquaGuard Zips, and removable straps to ensure convenience and complete functionality.

With the COVID 19 showing no signs of slowing down, the Cleanie bags have been identified as the perfect accessory for virtually anyone who has to go to work, school, or anywhere. The Bag’s LED powered UVC technology offers stereoscopic disinfection to keep users safe from infection at all times. For added protection, the Cleanie bag also comes with a portable sterilizer.

The Cleanie Sling Bag is a product of Kingsons Prime, a company that has built a stellar reputation in the backpack industry. The company’s latest product, the Cleanie Bag is set to launch on Kickstarter, and the team at Kingsons is delighted to welcome supporters.


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