Enova Illumination Introduces LED Light for Loupes and Face Shields to Advance Comfort and Visualization in Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology 1

United States, November 27, 2020, /PressRelease.cc/ — Enova Illumination introduced today the new Axis™ LED Light with Activ™ Battery System, the first LED light solution to pair a clip-on magnetic light with a wearable neckband battery for improved comfort and visualization during dental, oral and maxillofacial, and cosmetic facial procedures.

The Axis clip-on magnetic LED light offers 30,000 lux illuminance for more than five hours of working time. The Axis light delivers bright, uniform illuminance filling the entire viewing field without shadowing or glare. When used with 2.5x magnification at a working distance of 14 inches, the Axis light illuminates a uniform four-inch spot field. Made of lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum, the LED light is built for durability, withstanding frequent cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

“Ergonomics was the primary driving force behind Enova’s new Axis light and Activ battery system. The innovative design gives clinicians a reliable, long-lasting LED lighting option without the strain of added head weight or the hassle of cables and belt packs,” says Scott Green, Executive Vice President, Enova Illumination. “When used in conjunction with Enova’s lightweight Vizix™ loupes, clinicians benefit from superior illumination, visualization, and comfort, allowing them to perform with greater ease and confidence.”

The Activ battery integrates Enova’s long-life battery technology into a comfortable, wearable design that rests around the neck, eliminating head weight and strain. This neckband battery is equipped with touch technology that allows the user to easily control three brightness settings.

This lightweight and modern solution is ideal for current PPE recommendations. Practitioners can adjust the light underneath a disposable gown and without removing disposable gloves. A lightweight capacitive touch button activates the light and adjusts the brightness. The magnetic attachment is designed to be affixed on most face shields and can be directly mounted to most loupes. Attaching the magnet coaxially, down between the eyes, on face shields minimizes shadows and allows for better viewing of the procedure area.

The Axis LED Light with Activ Battery System is available in four color-coordinated options: blue, pink, green, silver and black.

About Enova Illumination

Dr. Sushil Gupta founded Enova Illumination in 2005 after discovering a need for a new LED portable technology – one that would remove the restraint and restriction of fiber optic surgical headlight systems. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Enova has been innovating and mastering LED illumination for over 13 years for a variety of surgical practices. In 2019 Enova added quality, luxury loupes to their line of products. Enova Illumination is focused on improving the healthcare and medical/dental outcomes throughout the world by providing medical devices that “help doctors see better so they can perform better.” Visit www.goenova.com for more information. 

Media Contact: Keller Brussow of Enova: 651.583.5908 

SOURCE Enova Illumination

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