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The world today is fast-paced. Things happen in flash-speed, and everyone is always looking for new ways to do things more quickly. The same goes for the beauty industry. If people can find a way around spending hours on their makeup, they will happily adapt that way. Knowing how much people will choose a life without doing their makeup every day and wiping it off at the end of the day, Akisha Jenee Holland established Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee, LLC. It is a company that delivers permanent makeup services that enhances people’s natural beauty so they can save themselves from the hassle of applying makeup every day.

Akisha strongly believes that anybody who desires a permanent makeup procedure must have it done safely, correctly, accurately, and precisely. This is why Akisha focuses on precision for every procedure that Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee, LLC offers to each client. She focuses on not just helping her clients enhance their natural beauty, but she also takes them through a wholesome experience of transparency, kindheartedness, intelligence, professionalism, and timelessness.

Seeing her clients smile is a major driving force behind her passion. For Akisha, every session is an opportunity to create a masterpiece, and her perfectionist nature ensures that her clients leave with a smile at all times. Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee, LLC is growing in leaps and bounds as the company’s services have traversed various parts of the United States like Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. The company has also worked with various CEOs, corporate executives, influencers, and solopreneurs.

Akisha’s journey in the beauty industry has spanned more than 20 years, and she is well-grounded in sales as she has worked with multiple billion-dollar beauty brands. She understands the business and what drives clients. Clients want to feel confident and beautiful, and she helps them achieve them. Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee will not proceed with any treatment unless the client expressly approves. The ultimate goal for every treatment session is to ensure that the client leaves feeling exceptional and satisfied with their looks.

Outside the business of making people look good, Akisha Jenee is an educator and public speaker. Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee, LLC is also leveraging the pandemic to help people carve the perfect eyebrows. “Everyone has their masks on while leaving only their eyes and brows uncovered. Those parts of the face should look good too, and we make that happen,” Akisha says.

The goal is to make everyone look perfect no matter the time of the day it is. The company targets people who present a public image and do not have the time to apply makeup regularly. Akisha’s motivation to start her own brand after more than a decade in the beauty industry comes from the desire to put her leadership qualities into practice. She wants to be someone that other people can look up to and emulate.

She plans to establish a non-profit organization that offers complimentary brow services to cancer survivors who have suffered hair loss from cancer or any other medical condition that leads to hair loss. She also plans to get involved in the fight against domestic violence and human trafficking.

Learn more about Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee, LLC by visiting the official website.

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