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The effectiveness of invoicing software for businesses compared to traditional invoicing process.

MEWEBTEK: Manage Invoices Effectively in One Centralized Location 2

The company MEWEBTEK is a software supplier for freelancers and small businesses and specializes in finance. It offers a solution to automate invoicing and transform businesses from paper based invoicing to digital invoicing. The company was founded in 2020 and also entered the market in 2020. They provide finance in one place and help businesses to go to new heights with digital transformation.

What is invoicing?

An invoice is a paper or a document that lists products or services a business provided a customer or client. The document or paper is a way to make the customer pay for the services or products which they used. Invoicing is a critical process for business because it enables a business to get paid. Traditionally, businesses use a template paper to send invoices and enable business to save time. Technological advancements enable businesses to invoice through an invoicing software, which also uses invoice templates. The difference between a digital and traditional invoicing is that one uses the internet. There are also different invoices such as recurring invoices. A recurring invoice is a type of invoice which a supplier sends to the customer in regular intervals. Recurring invoices are getting more popular in digital invoicing. An invoicing software gives the ability to automatically charge customers in regular intervals and reminds the customers if the payment is not done.

Why do businesses transition to online invoicing?

Online invoicing enables businesses through a digital platform. An online invoicing software enables businesses to request payment on time, keep track of all the invoices and forecast future sales. This is why businesses transition from a paper based invoicing to digital invoicing to keep up with the rest.

What are invoice number used for?

An invoice number is a unique number that is assigned to an invoice. The invoice number enables businesses to easily identify an invoice and can use this information to find invoices. An invoice number consists of numbers and letters. An online digital invoicing software has the ability to automatically assign invoice numbers. It also makes sure that an invoice number is not used more than once.

How to identify an invoice?

Every business uses a different template, but an invoice will always have characteristics which don’t change. An invoice includes the business information, an invoice ID, the deadline of the payment, the list of products and services, price and the information about the client. An online invoicing software enables customers to easily add these information in the system, which can be used to create and send an invoice. This information is also used to automatically notify the clients if they haven’t paid for their service or products.

The customers will generally receive an invoice when the project is finished. The invoice needs to include all the services or products that have been done for the client. This way a client will pay the amount due faster. Digital invoicing will automate these processes by simply entering the information necessary to make an invoice.

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