Allea Marketing is saving Car Dealerships Across North America 1
Fighting COVID with the most powerful Facebook Automation yet.

Allea Marketing is saving Car Dealerships Across North America 2

December 3, 2020 – What is Allea Marketing? Founded by one of the biggest car guys in North America – Patrick Brunet, who has the vision to change the automotive industry with solutions and prices that guarantee successful projects.

The goal was clear, save more time for auto dealers and car dealerships – with powerful automation tools so they can focus on what they do best, selling more cars.

The entire Automotive industry has seen drastic changes over the past decade, now with COVID shutting down their sales floors, car and auto dealers demanded new methods to get more leads. Pat was more prepared than anyone else as he’d been focused on Facebook since it exploded in 2014. His mastery of automation allowed him to build countless tools to turn Facebook’s incredible Automotive platform into a repeatable revenue stream, putting all his clients at ease for any challenging times to come.

“Using the internet to get new customers rather than using traditional methods like business networking groups IS through a sales funnel with core messages targeted to the right market,” points out Pat.

Pat Brunet is the CEO of Allea Marketing Solutions and is an entrepreneur by heart and a marketing software engineer by passion. In early October 2020, he made a breakthrough discovery. An incredible hack that works deep in the background of Facebook’s complicated code to save hundreds of valuable work hours and thousands of dollars for any dealership trying to sell a car on the hottest new automotive platform. Never mind the fact that he’s bringing the cost of Automotive Inventory Ads down 897% or Cost per Qualified Leads down to $5.29. His latest and greatest tool can practically automate the entire process allowing automobile dealership owners and car sales reps to focus their time on only selling to incredible qualified leads such as seen here in their automotive marketing case study.

The AutoXtension tool unlocks Facebook’s Automatic Transfer hack. Providing qualified car dealerships with almost instant and easy access to an untapped customer base of over 800 million active car buyers every single month. That means 100% error free, daily updating vehicle inventory, directly to Facebook’s Auto Marketplace, Shop and more! The AutoXtension allows car dealerships to finally stop paying for “non-optimized” ads and build out the most potent automotive marketing ecosystem available. Car Sales Representatives will love it, auto dealership marketing budgets will love it, and everyone will have so much extra time they won’t even know what to do with it!

Team Allea Marketing helps business owners develop and refine marketing processes that generates customers for a higher return! This powerful auto extension marketing tool integrates with most auto dealerships but there is a selection process to qualify. Pat’s dedicated team has a passion for helping car dealership and automotive businesses succeed and it’s worth every minute to reach out and learn more.

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