Digitogy.com expands Into New Global markets: Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Poland 1
Digitogy, a popular tech review site based in Europe, has recently revealed that they have expanded into a number of new global markets.

December 3, 2020 – Digitogy, a popular tech review site based in Europe, has recently revealed that they have expanded into a number of new global markets. In a bid to increase its target audience and become more of a global authority on all things tech, Digitogy now has operations targeting Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, and Poland. This expansion follows moving into the French market in recent months.

“We have always planned to expand into new countries but something else would come up and the idea would be forgotten. It was always going to happen but to expand into six new markets at the same time was not how we imagined that happening.” said the CEO of Digitogy. He went on “We always talked about taking these steps slower and one at a time but we found we had the time, resources, and willingness to just throw ourselves into these markets in one go.”

A big part of this expansion was ensuring that the Digitogy website was viewable in a number of new languages. This meant translating all previous content on the website and hiring a mix of translators and foreign speaker writers/reviewers to join the Digitogy team. All future content will now be displayed in Dutch, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Turkish, and Polish alongside the current languages used including English and French.

“It was quite an undertaking getting all of our content translated into the many new languages that our new readers will need to understand our work,” said a senior manager. “The good news is that we now have a larger team full of people from a variety of cultures which has been a positive learning experience for us all,” he added.

Digitogy hopes that this expansion will allow them to continue to be the voice that so many trusts, just now in new markets as well. They have worked hard to bring the company to where it is today and will now be focusing on expanding it further in years to come. The ultimate aim is to become a true global authority and that means pushing into even more markets and cultures as the opportunities arise. 

About Digitogy

Digitogy has spent many years being a valuable tech resource for their readership. Extensively testing, comparing, and reviewing the latest technologies, gadgets, and software has enabled Digitogy to build up a solid and loyal following at that time. Known for creating unbiased and honest reviews that provide their readers with the information and specs they need before purchasing themselves, Digitogy has gradually grown to become a leading tech-review website in Europe and America.

A strong believer of internet privacy, Digitogy also dedicates a good chunk of their focus towards reviewing the best VPN software as it hits the market. Additionally, they offer news articles, guides, comparison articles, and opinion-pieces on the world of technology.

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