Stronghold Group (Team of Army Combat Veterans) Delivers PPE During COVID Crisis 1
PPE Sourced and Manufactured by Combat Veterans for Frontline Workers.

Stronghold Group (Team of Army Combat Veterans) Delivers PPE During COVID Crisis 2

A group of Army Veterans with a combined six combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan have been delivering PPE to nursing homes, hospitals, and government entities throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The team members working under the company, the Stronghold Group, founded by David Henderson in 2016, have been diligently serving frontline workers since March 2020 through their website,

Dave Henderson, Stronghold Group’s CEO, says “the team continues to be motivated by service, even though we are no longer on active duty. Simply put, we want to protect those who protect us. We saw an unfulfilled need to supply our nation’s healthcare workers that are on the front lines, and it is cathartic for us to help them execute their mission – especially in such trying times during the pandemic. After all, we know what it’s like to be on the frontlines, and unfortunately, we know what it’s like to make do without the ideal protection. We hope to change that through the skills and tactics we learned while deployed overseas.” Henderson served two tours to Mosul, Iraq and one to Khost, Afghanistan.

Stronghold Group is acutely aware of the geopolitical situation with China and the importance of Southeast Asia in terms of international trade. Dave Henderson and Sean Niquette (CFO) both studied Chinese at the United States Military Academy. COVID-19 exposed critical supply chain risks for America. With an over-concentration of products and shipping lines originating in China, supply chains became saturated when the entire world was demanding the same PPE from one country. What resulted was a critical national awareness of trade concentration risk and a lack of diversified supply channels.

“Most calls we received were from frontline workers and hospital administrators saying that they were receiving product, but not the product they ordered. Much of it failed subsequent lab testing or, some of it, literally was falling apart at the seams,” said Andrew Ziebarth, Chief Sourcing Officer. Stronghold Group tests all their product in the US at ISO 17025 certified or ANAB accredited laboratories. “There is tremendous value in being able to call a lab Stateside and provide the lab’s point of contact information to the client.”

While they import supplies and sells them to those that need them, Stronghold Group is also working on providing donations to entities around the country where possible. Currently they have donated more than $10,000 in PPE supplies to entities such as the Philadelphia VA Medical Center and the PA Soldiers and Sailors Home.

The company believes in transparency and sustainability. By arming the containers that they ship with GPS trackers, the Stronghold Group can provide a level of transparency that is rare in the current market. Jerry Meach, Stronghold Group’s COO, said “it’s almost expected now with all of our customers. We might not have tracking down to the level of FedEx (yet!), but our customers know they can get live updates of their containers when days and weeks count most on the front line.”

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