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Geoblock is a problem that those who’d like to watch the streaming content freely sometimes face

December 7, 2020 – Good news to all that like watching streaming content online – geoblock can be worked around!

Geoblock is a problem that those who’d like to watch the streaming content freely sometimes face – the content is not available in a particular region. From regional laws to the copyright rules, some content won’t be appearing on the user’s screen even though they’ve paid for the service, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. This was a pet peeve for all the streaming geeks around the world.

One way this problem could have been solved before was time – waiting until the content becomes available in the region. However, this would sometimes take forever to wait for, or for some reason or the other, there’s always a risk of it never happening. “Some content would be completely out of your reach if it weren’t for the VPN,” says the Manager for New Internet Technologies at the Brazilian Privacy Online, and adds: ‘Without VPN, your region will determine what you are or not able to watch.” And that is called – geoblock.

Introducing VPN – a Virtual Private Network service that can remove the limitations of the geographic regions a person belongs, broadening the choice palette at the reach of their remote controller or a mouse. 

What does a VPN do?

Every computer needs to have its ‘place’ and ‘location’ to which a server will send the data (if the user wants to have any control over what they’re doing online), and this ‘location’ is called the IP address. When a device, be it a phone or a computer, or a washing machine, that traditionally connects to the Internet, is provided with an IP address by servers. This address is not private information and it remains everywhere people ‘go’ online, making a cyber-trail behind every cyber-step. This trail can lead the unwanted parties to the cyber-doorstep, especially hackers and cyber-criminals who, if they know the real IP address, can penetrate the defenses quite easily and wreak havoc over personal data, passwords, media, bank accounts, etc. 

What VPN does is that it gives a series of tools that can greatly improve internet security, making it much harder for the hackers to do what they love the most – track, monitor, steal, etc. The main asset of VPN is that the service virtually provides the device with an IP address on a global scale, so the device in Montana can be registered as connected to the internet in Latvia. With other services VPN companies usually provide it is near impossible to keep track of where certain information came from.

Now, as for the flick nerds and how this might concern them – getting an IP address from another country or region bypasses the copyright and other restrictions a streaming service has posed over their home country. This way the content available on that IP address is available on that device! Useful information to all that want to spend the following months in their blankies and watch something they’ve been meaning to for so long, but couldn’t.

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