Jubilee Bobby Ace Launches its Online Baseball Academy 1
Head Coach of Jubilee Ace, Bobby Leslie

Jubilee Bobby Ace is proud to launch its first online baseball academy. The aim of the academy is to help out those who want to learn baseball especially during the current situation we are experiencing due the limited travel allowance. The academy focuses on helping out students strengthen their baseball knowledge at the comforts of their own home. 

“We are excited to launch our Jubilee Bobby Ace. This is a great opportunity for people who want and need to learn baseball. Our academy will help millions of baseball players to hone and master their skills during the mandated quarantine and safety protocols. We are here to support them every step of their way,” Bobby Leslie, head coach of Jubilee Bobby Ace. 

Bobby Leslie, is the head coach and former professional baseball player with 15 years of experience will guide you through the 3-months course Jubilee Bobby Ace offers. Those who will enroll will learn and master all the basics of the game, as well as polish their baseball skills. Since this is a virtual academy, everything is contactless.  Coach Bobby Leslie has seen the low and the high points of baseball talents.  He has worked with athletes with serious tore ACL injuries at even bobby low points of their career.  Through a dedicated and holistic training approach, players have recovered in his program. 

The whole lesson will be based on the pace of the student. Jubilee Bobby Ace recognizes that each student has a different potential in baseball. Therefore, the academy works with the student closely and figures out how fast they can go, how low they can dive!  Every student will get to make progress at their own pace to accelerate the learning.

Through this virtual academy, anyone can learn baseball anytime, anywhere. While countries are minimizing the pandemic and keeping spread at low counts.  The limited travel won’t stop anyone from learning baseball, thanks to Jubilee Bobby Ace. 

Jubilee Bobby Ace Launches its Online Baseball Academy 2About Jubilee Bobby Ace

Jubilee Bobby Ace is an online baseball academy that has more than 500 former and current students. Our 20-person online coaching team is led by Bobby Leslie, Leslie Zhang, Bobby Stuart.

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