Theme Park Fans Can Enjoy Ride Memories At Home With Park Scents 1
Candles are created to smell like fan favorite theme park rides.

Theme Park Fans Can Enjoy Ride Memories At Home With Park Scents 2

Can’t make it to Disney or Universal Studios? Bring the parks home, with Park Scents. The creators behind Park Scents say it all started because they are huge fans of the ET ride at Universal, and after trying a few candles that professed to smell like the ride, they were disappointed enough to set out to recreate the scent themselves. Not only did they succeed, but the team at Park Scents has also created a number of other scents based on various other theme park rides.

Park Scents offers candles such as Flume, based on Pirates of the Caribbean; Mansion, based on the Haunted Mansion; Wizardbeer; Passage Flight; Walt’s Office; Fiji Splash; Poly Lobby; and a long list of other exciting options for theme park fans to choose from. Park Scents hasn’t stopped at candles, however. They also offer a variety of dynamic oils, room sprays, wax melts, and more. Customers can even enjoy a variety of bundles such as the Main Street Bundle, Magic Bundle, Universal Bundle, or even the best selling Top 5 Bundle. “This is the perfect gift for any theme park fan,” said a spokesperson for Park Scents.

As a token of their appreciation and commitment to client care, the team at Park Scents offers their risk free guarantee. “If you don’t completely relive the adventure, you can get a full refund,” said the team at Park Scents.

With tens of millions of people going to major theme parks every year, many fans come home only to miss the sights and sounds of the parks. The scents, however, can spark happy memories until fans can make a trip back to the park of their choice. Scents can be enjoyed all year long and provide an excellent gift option for people. Park Scents even offers a gift card so that recipients can choose their favorite scents from the company’s growing selection. With scents routinely getting sold out, Park Scents has already created a reputation of being one of the best scent providers when it comes to park related memories.

The Park Scents team says the secret behind their first scent, the ET-based candle, came from the actual oil used in the ride’s experience which had to be lab-analyzed and recreated. It’s with this dedication that Park Scents is offering a growing selection of memory-sparking candles and more. Further information can be found at

*Park Scents would like to make it known that they are not affiliated with any theme park, brand, or attraction.

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