Unique Soul of Bankflow Records Prepares the Ground to Release First EP “Accountability” 1
Unique Soul of Bankflow Records Prepares the Ground to Release First EP "Accountability"
Denise M Johnson, the voice behind Unique Soul, emerges as a strong contender in R&B music

Unique Soul of Bankflow Records is an emerging artist from Chicago and has just released her first EP on November 18, 2020. Denise M Johnson, the person behind Unique Soul, is gearing up to make her place as a standout R&B singer.

Though “Accountability” is Unique Soul’s first EP, she has already released two of her singles for the world to listen and enjoy. Her song “Might As Well Do It” garnered over 20,000 plays and the artist made several appearances on other songs by fellow Bankflow Records artists, T Law and Karizmatik. One such song that Unique Soul has made an appearance on is T Law’s inspirational hip hop song “Victorious”. The artist also has had many collabs with T Law on Soundcloud such as on T Law’s “Harmony”. Apart from the artist collaboration with T Law, Unique Soul also has many collaborations coming up with Karizmatik, another fellow artist from Bankflow Records. One of the songs which the three artists worked on together is called “Until It’s Over” which also fared particularly well on YouTube. All of these songs are available for streaming on YouTube.

“Might As Well Do It”, “Exposed”, “Very Special” (duet with T Law), and “Proud” (duet with Karizmatik) are some of the recent releases by artist Unique Soul. All of these songs have been released by Bankflow Records, known as the “Bankflow Family”.

According to Unique Soul, she intends to touch hearts of her listeners and connect with them on a personal level. She hopes her music and songs will have a positive impact on their lives, and will leave them feeling touched and inspired. Currently, the artist is open to more collaboration and song writing with other artists and is also willing to engage in interviews with fans, listeners, and all those curious about her music.


Denise M Johnson is the person behind Unique Soul. As an emerging artist from Chicago, she is ready to release her first EP “Accountability” in November 2020.


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